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Title: A few T2 questions
Post by: Stonemull on April 10, 2017, 09:49:05 AM
I am a bit baffled, not sure if I am not sure how to use T2 or there are a few bugs in the way it functions.

I am a bit confused about what the menu options for various things do despite experimenting, attempting to get this double sided etching working so I need to know my way around this software.

In the laser controller section..

Whats does Settings/ reset Workpiece origin do ? I cant see a difference when enabled or disabled. Is it related to the machine/Set origin in some way as i would assume.

How do I use the Override Laser Power, what laser power is the override value ?

With my simple gcode box I have laser power at 7 and feed rate at 1000 just for low power experimenting.
However if I enter 100 in the now red laser power box, then send the gcode the laser does not come on at all, is this where the power is entered as I do not see another method.
This would be a useful function for me trying calibrate lower powers.

I seem to have lost my gcode list despite having debug enabled. Sending my little box and all I see is

Complete (13 lines in 5 seconds)

So not sure what is actually being sent, I assume S0 when I want S100 say. is there a way to see the gcode in this state ?

Title: Re: A few T2 questions
Post by: Zax on April 10, 2017, 11:32:00 AM
Let's see... the manual says "If Reset Workpiece Origin is selected in the Settings menu the machine offset will be set once homing is complete".

That may not be too clear, so let me elaborate. If this isn't selected, the machine positions will be set to 0,0 and the workpiece positions will retain any offsets you previously set. Set workpiece home at the center of your machine and leave this deseleted, switch to machine coordinates (*X/*Y) and right click the house icon (this will perform homing), once it find home the XY will show 0,0. Now switch to show workpiece coordinates and you will see the offset is retained. To clear the offsets you can go to the machine home and reset the workpiece to match or use Clear Grbl Positions from the Machine menu.

There are 2 methods to override laser power / feed rate, you are referring to the old method. It does use the manual laser value but you select the value you want as max before clicking the override. It will report that the values have been adjusted and the box also goes red to indicate it. It assumes max power is 255, so if you enter 127 before overriding it will use half power so your S7 will actually be S3.

Rather than this method, the real time overrides are much better. If you're using my firmware these work, I don't know for you as I believe you compiled your own. You can adjust the power up/down as it's running, and you get near real time feedback to determine the best value to use.

Originally I did show g-code with debug enabled but multiple users requested a full window for seeing messages so now debug mode doesn't show the g-code but takes over the entire window. When disabled you will get your g-code back. I just checked though and the displayed code doesn't change, but it is adjusted during sending.
Title: Re: A few T2 questions
Post by: Stonemull on April 10, 2017, 12:50:32 PM
Cheers, by 'the manual' is that the one in help or is it a pdf ?
I actually forgot about the help, just looked through the pdfs like a moron. I have had a look at it before a few times, just forgot about it totally somehow. Getting dopey in me old age lol.
Been working on other things last few days solid and spent the first few days modifying this thing and using the same simple functions over and over, so tonight was really the first time I have been looking at how to actually do stuff.

I am guessing that homing is complete is when GRBL sends back a 'home ok' message which I think is before it performs the $N start blocks, I have been experimenting for the last few hours and now have a better sense of the assorted coordinate systems. Mainly by going into realterm and checking status with '?' while issuing assorted gcodes.cIn bed now, will experiment more tomorrow.

I etched a grid onto my bottom plywood protecting the desk, downloaded your A3 versions and they are quite a bit larger than my bed, even your reduced size version is not going to fit.
not sure if eleksmaker has dropped the sise, I lost a few mm with homing switches but from memory mine is 365 x 272mm, will check figures tomorrow. I ended up just doing the smaller 100x100 grid just to give me a square to work too.

I also was sidetracked by the override laser and forgot the realtime version, will use that, the only changes I made to grbl are for the auto homing as the button sequence I found annoying to have to repeat it every time it connected. Not your fault,mit should be a simple option in grbl to enable/disable.

The values reported in the software for machine and workplace, are they a direct unmodified display of the '?' status report, ie .. if I can get my start blocks to home, move to a new spot and reset wirkplace irigin, will T2 accept these new values or will I still need to hit 'reset workplace origin' to sync T2 and the machine coordinate systems ?
I feel that I will need to do it on T2 but that was earlier in the night when I mucked arounnd with that, so a revisit tomorrow may make more sense.

Heh, I never realised the gcode went away when debug on, I will probably put an rs232 dongle on the bluetooth port so I can see grbls ongoing status reports tomorrow. I want to set up a virtual comport/telnet bridge and tick an esp8266 on the Mana board so I can use wifi instead of a USB cable ultimately.

Title: Re: A few T2 questions
Post by: Zax on April 10, 2017, 01:53:59 PM
Yes, Shift-F1 or Help / Manual. It's indexed and searchable, previously I was maintaining a PDF but this is the preferred Microsoft Help system and I actually like it better.

If you right click the debug box it will show you real time status, in the settings / advanced settings you can enable or disable fast status which changes the refresh rate.

T2Laser reads the status and will update automatically. In the attached you can see the machine coordinates are at 20,0 but the workpiece offset is adjusting that to 0,0 as I set the origin.
Title: Re: A few T2 questions
Post by: Stonemull on April 11, 2017, 11:19:19 AM
Thanks again, not had a chance to muck around today or the next few days probably.
Working sucks.