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Title: Cleaning and maintaining laser engraver
Post by: micky on December 12, 2020, 02:24:56 AM
I've been using my Banggood A3 engraver for over four years to personalise leather goods. Usually everything just works, but this year the controller on/off button has started to fail, and sometimes I have to fiddle with it for a good few minutes before I can get it to switch on. I've started using the wall socket switch to power up/down instead of the controller button. Also the X axis makes an unpleasant grinding noise, and I occasionally get bits of dried carbon dropping down from the X axis and onto my work. The 2500 laser head seems fine, but two of the top screws have corroded (my workshop gets pretty damp this time of year). I've bought a new controller and once work gets quieter I'm going to fit this and give everything a good clean. Has anyone got any recommendations about how to clean and lubricate these machines? WD40? Light oil? Any bits I should replace when I take it all apart? Thanks!