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Title: Postprcessor for Aspire and VcarvePro
Post by: kkberg on April 15, 2016, 03:09:49 AM

I just found a PP which supports GRBL firmware.

Title: Re: Postprcessor for Aspire and VcarvePro
Post by: Administrator on April 15, 2016, 07:14:33 AM
I would say almost all 'classic' CNC post processors support the Spindle gcode command.

However, now that you've found this do we use it?

Title: Re: Postprcessor for Aspire and VcarvePro
Post by: kkberg on April 15, 2016, 08:33:05 AM
Hello Ralph,

you can only use it, if you have Aspire or Vcarvepro. You put the file into the My_PostP Folder and after that, you can use it to generate a gcode file.
You are now able to take a drawing and Import it to Vcarvepro and select drawing objects to define toolpathes. Tool should be an endmill with a Diameter of 0.1mm.
With the spindle RPM you can select laser power. After finishing your toolpathes you save them with selecting the post processor and save it.
This makes only sense if you're already having VcarvePro like I have and using it for my router. I'm using VcarvePro very often, so it's an extended usage for me.
I'm very flexible generating gcode-files with already established Tools. As I said, it makes no sence to buy VcarvePro only for the laser cutter. :)

Title: Re: Postprcessor for Aspire and VcarvePro
Post by: Administrator on April 15, 2016, 08:56:14 AM
I understand now...that makes sense.

For the new folks, the software Aspire and VcarvePro, comes from a company in Europe called Vectric. Their software is very expensive and not cost-effective for us who use low cost, low powered lasers. They do make a great laserCNC tool called Cut2D Laser (modified from their Cut2D Desktop CAD/CAM software which is priced at $150.00) however, they don't sell it to consumers. They only OEM it which means they sell it to companies who make and sell laser machines and they in turn give it out when you buy their laser.

The only company I know of who is doing this is Emblaser. They sell a laser DIY kit for around $800.00 and up and offer a 4watt laser. If you buy their laser, you'll get Cut2D Laser software which, as I said, is a CAD and CAM solution. I've talked to Vetric several times trying to get them to release a consumer version of their Cut2D Laser but they have zero interest in doing that.

We need a laser cutting software tool like Cut2D but sadly there are none. And we need it to be cost-effective. @Zax as most of you know, is developing T2 which is an enhanced engraving solution for our laser machines. My efforts (posted on this forum) to get other classic CAM software developers to modify their apps to support us has not progressed very far because most are not interested in doing that. I find that all of the existing CAM CNC solutions are complex and hard to figure out how to use.

As a result of my efforts in not being able to find a suitable laser cutting CAM solution, I have started preliminary design work on writing my own CAM software to meet our needs. I will be posting on my progress in a dedicated board soon.

The challenge is that my 2.5watt laser was never really meant to cut 3mm wood, but it can if it has the right CAM software designed specifically for that purpose. I've done it manually (writing my own gcode commands) and I've also cut 3mm Acrylic plastic. It can be done and done quite nicely too. We just need the software. As a last resort, I've started to write my own software to do just that. I am an experienced programmer and I use Visual Studio 2013 and the C# language. The job is quite large and complex and I was hoping to not have to go down this path. I was hoping to find an existing CAM package that the developer would be interested in modifying for us...but no one I contacted was very excited to do that. So, here I am, sitting at my desk, now designing my own solution.
Title: Re: Postprcessor for Aspire and VcarvePro
Post by: caperry88 on April 15, 2016, 09:00:49 AM
You go Ralph, can't wait to see what comes of it.