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@Bigwan, your profile doesn't say where you are but if you want to send me a lid from one of those boxes I would be glad to test it for you, or perhaps there's someone close to you that would work with you to check it out?

- Zax

I'm in Northern Ireland where most people are naturally suspicious of "new"  technology...  I might take you up on that Zak!

The post was a reply  to JLauzons.....lighten up!!

Sorry if I offended...  :(

Yeah, but I guess my point is that it unnerves me to engrave anything "good". There's no eraser. If it's for business, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Considering the accepted etching norm in boutique pedal land is transferring laser printer toner onto a bare aluminium enclosure as a chemical resist and etching the exposed areas in a ferric chloride solution I think this is a nice,  quick,  clean alternative if it works!

Scary to try something like that. Someone asked me if I could engrave their MacBook. he**. No.

'Cos if you screw up you pay!!

Not sure I understand... Sure you might screw up an enclosure or 2 proving out that it works (or not), but they're not stupid expensive.

You realise I'm building these effects myself, not playing with somebody's prize possession, right?

I'd noticed people here had managed anodised aluminium etching, but it's specifically powder coating etching I'm interested in. I'd like to etch artwork and lettering into off the shelf Hammond brand powder coated enclosures such as the 1590 series: for guitar effects boxes.

May have to suck it and see!

Hope this is in the right place! I'm really interested in the banggood 2500mW uv etcher, but I was wondering if anyone here had ever etched any powder coated aluminium with one of these machines? Is it possible with UV?

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