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havent got laser power meter , but the driver is calibrated to provide 4.5A to the diode ( I dont need to run it at 100% though ) this laser driver has a meter output .
didnt realize how easy it is to build my own, too bad i burned cash on that chinese fake one...

Cheers all, bought dummy load board of eBay and verified correct load , also bought diode, LD and heatsink (nubm44) and built my own full laser module
Burns amazingly well and all parts were less than 200usd off eBay incl shipping to Tokyo

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thank you, would the best location be to tap into the LD with multimeter or should I build a dummy load to test this ?

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thank you, sorry I am a bit confused ,... Shouldn't it be closer to 5a? And do you have any pointers or links that could let me figure if I could do it with laser connected or I have to build a matching test load

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Hi guys, sorry if I am not in correct board but looking for some help..

I have one of those 5.5W Chinese lasers with a separate 5a Current Driver ,
Original driver was DOA so they sent me a replacement but I suspect its not calibrated and not outputting the right amount of power.
I would probably say its comparable to 2.5W right now ( I can cut paper on multiple passes at 200/100% and I get very very precise focus and very thin lines , but its nowhere near the expected cutting power of 5.5w)

Focus and TTL was all measured and working correctly on my Mana as well ( I have eleksmaker ttl to pwm as well but tested directly with psu to laser driver too ) , so the last thing to test is the driver board..

It has a potentiometer but I am not entirely sure what would be the adjustment procedure / expectation ... does anyone here have any insight into these ( they seem to come with many of the cheaper diodes ) ...

Is there an easy way way to test it with multimeter and what should I be expecting to make sure my diode gets enough juice.
I have been reading about test load assembly but not sure which one I would need to test a 5.5w laser load.

If that too fails, I would need to get new ( hopefully higher quality ) module ... but rather make sure I tick all boxes before doing that.
the final goal is to cut some 2-3mm plywood and cardboard for my art projects with a bit of engraving on the side.

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