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RobotLaser / Re: Robot Laser Final Version
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:21:50 AM »

Just for information....
The liberation code of version 1.0
will be sent only after receipt of the PayPal  notification of payment.
Thank you for understanding.

RobotLaser / Re: Robot Laser Final Version
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:11:12 AM »

Normally the grayscale provides acceptable results only after an accurate calibration.
It depends greatly on the linearity of power of the laser and the sensitivity of the etched material.
For example, if I make a 256 mm long line, and change the power of the laser of units each mm, in theory I should have a line that goes from white to black in a gradual way,
Indeed I will have a long white part (the laser did not have enough power to burn the material) followed by a short section in which the stroke darkens (the true linear part) and then a completely burned portion (the laser power was higher than necessary to achieve the "black")

To fully utilize the GrayScale need to match the white (255) to the power just lower than the needed to mark the material and the Black (0) to the power beyond which the material is burned at the maximum.
All this for a particular material, if I change it need to redo everything.
For calibration, adjustment controls of Gamma and Bright  may be used, or better the power curve in configuration.
If it is of interest to more people, I can realize (after February half) a tutorial on how to adjust the power.

For large areas dirthering  can be usd (Dirthering born to compensate for the non-linearity of the rotary press),
but on small dimensions, pitting is very apparent.

RobotLaser / Robot Laser Final Version
« on: January 16, 2017, 04:39:08 AM »

Goodmorning everyone

The Beta version of RobotLaser has finished its cycle, and will no longer be managed, nor issued license after its expiry.

Before January 20 two versions will be available:
1)   RobotLaser FREE, which is derived from the last beta version (0.6)
2)   RobotLaser Standard, currently v.1.0.0

The FREE version will continue to be available for free, but no new features will be implemented. It will remain frozen as is.
To use it you will need to make a new registration of a duration of one year (of course always free)

The standard version will be available for purchasing.
There is a trial period of 15 days (instead of 10 as the beta) after which, will need to buy it.
In case of necessity, the test may be extended for another 15 or 30 days,
Please contact with the reasons for the request of the extension.
It will be possible only one extension of the test period.

The Standard license will be entitled to free download updates for all 2017.

The license, as usual, will be tied to disk on which RobotLaser is installed when requesting the activation code.
If you think you want to use RobotLaser on multiple PCs (one at a time)
we recommend you install on removable media (eg USB Key)
In this case, moving the key from one PC you can always use the same activation key that will be valid on all PCs.

If instead it is necessary to install the product on multiple PCs that operate simultaneously
an additional license (50% of the first) will be purchased.
For more than 3 licenses, contact me and we will find a solution.

Within one / two months, PRO version (with new features) and the Enterprise version will be availables.
Enterprise version enable to have RobotLaser installed and operational on all PCs of a company (max 25)

At the moment the license fee for RobotLaser Standard (with 1 year updates) is fixed at
promotional value of € 30.00
For payment please click on the "Buy Now" button on the information page ([?] Button on the main menu)
From here you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page.

For any other types of payment, please contact me.

Last Note.
Those who have made donations for the Beta version, are entitled to a discount on the the license fees.
Please contact me for instructions on how to get the discount.

Have a nice day

RobotLaser / Re: Installation Media
« on: December 06, 2016, 03:46:31 AM »
The program LicenseKiller MUST BE placed in the same directory of RobotLaser.

RobotLaser / Re: Installation Media
« on: December 04, 2016, 03:53:03 AM »

If in your PC you have a license installed,
launching the program from a different disc, the system believes there is a hacking attempt.

1) Ask for a uninstall password by email
2) Uninstall the existing license with the LicenseKiller program (from RobotLaser site),
using the password i sent by email on request.

2) Run RobotLaser from USB disk and generates a new activation key

3) Email the key and the license to version 0.5 will be sent.
In January versions 0.9 (Beta Free) and 1.0 (Full optional) will be released
and will need to generate a new key.
But I will send to all the instructions when necessary.


RobotLaser / Installation Media
« on: November 28, 2016, 05:15:25 AM »

Many people asked me what is the best support for RobotLaser;

Normally a USB stick is the simplest choice.
Easy to move and compatible with all PCs.

The size can also be very small (RobotLaser takes 4-5 Mb at the moment, certainly less than 10Mb in the future)

Many people use the key also to keep images and drawings.
You can use a 2 - 4 GB stick that is very cheap, and can contain lots of drawings.
If you plan to use very complex drawings you may also use a larger one,
but remember that with a 0.2 mm resolution a 100x150 mm engraver requires a 500 x 750 pixel image
that (in grayscale) occupies about 1-2 Mb.
It makes no sense to use images with much higher resolution (you can, of course, but the result does not improve)

The important thing is that the key is reliable,
if it breaks, the license dies with the stick.
While if it gets corrupted, it's not a problem you can ever reformat and reinstall in the same stick with the same license.


RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Updates (Beta 0.5.2)
« on: November 19, 2016, 08:40:49 AM »


Not so easy to work with elliptic arcs.
I thought of using the same functions of the circle arcs, but is not the same.

I missed the presentation of GRBL 1.1 (and is of mid-October  :-[ )
If I can, I'll study it during the w.e.
In any case, to avoid burning the edges, I have a overscan function that adds
a white edge, of programmable size, to the extremities.

Unfortunately during this period I have very little free time,
and I have dedicated to the firmware Marlin.
So... manual has been out of date.
For example, I introduced the possibility of an interlock between power and speed, but it is not yet documented.
I also found (but it was easy) how to reset the internal coordinates of grbl
so do not lose more the position during emergency stop.

Have a nice weekend


RobotLaser / RobotLaser Updates (Beta 0.5.2)
« on: November 19, 2016, 06:09:17 AM »
Release 0.5.2 is available.

This closes the 0.5.2 development cycle; the next will be 0.6.0

News are:

Ellipses support in DXF Import
There is still a small bug on Mirroring (Flip) of the ellipse arcs, which are treated as rotated instead of mirrored (it's a subtle difference that involve the tracking direction)

At the moment I do not think of developing more in DXF, unless specifically requested.
I do not expect to support Text and Blocks.

MARLIN firmware support

using this option Laser can be installed instead of the extruder in a 3D printer
and use the structure as a laser engraver.
The laser must be connected in place of the filament cooling fan (D10 I suppose).

Z-axis managementis is available as "Focus."... a value of 0 inhibits the function.

I tested with 3DRag printers with dedicated card and with PRUSA 3 with Arduino Uno and RAMPS 1.4

Theoretically it should work on any 3D printer firmware, but I could not test it.

The laser modulation command is no longer M03 Sxxx but M106 Sxxx (0-255).
In the case of firmware "RepRap" the command is M106 Sy.y (0.0-1.0), selectable from configuration.
A out of standard baud rate of 250000 bps  was added because is native for Marlin firmware and derivatives.

Some users said me that are building an engraver using the hardware RAMPS.

If the purpose is to use the same hardware for even a 3DPrinter it's OK !!!

If the machine will only be laser engraver, I do not recommend this approach,
because Marlin and RAMPS are optimized for other purposes.
A normal Arduino with V2 or V3 CNC shield performs better.
Arduino 2 would be the top, but I dont know CNC Shield for Arduino 2

however a MOSFET (or a high speed SSR) will be needed to drive the laser.


Better management of Dirthering function.

The Dirthering function is born from newspapers printing, which once did not have greyscale.
In RobotLaser remains, for those who use it with GRBLv 8.0, without PWM.

In other cases the result of the gray scale is better that Dirthering.
Look at photos, the tests were performed on wrapping paper,
to show how the texture of support, sometimes, makes useless many niceties.


On the download page (
you can find the stable version, which includes all parts necessary for the functioning-
On the SnapShot area, there are the versions under development.

Typically they have better performance and or functions, but they are not fully tested.
In the snapshot there is just the executable RobotLaser.exe, to replace the one of the stable release

RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Beta Released
« on: November 17, 2016, 01:52:17 AM »
BenBox Laser arrive with ELEKS L7 integrated board.

But I tested and works with Arduino Uno with CNC Shield V2 and V3,
works with IntegratedCNC (Arduino Nano) by keyestudio (these 2 needs MOSFET Decoupler for Laser)
Also works with Arduino uno/due/mega/duemilanove with RAMPS 1.4 (In this case needs Marlin firmware instead of GRBL)
But this solution is deprecated, useful only if you want to convert a 3D printer to laser engraver.

To flash firmware, follow installation instruction and manual in signature.
Install driver - connect USB - select Arduino CPU - Select GRBL hex file location ------ than press "flash" button.

For schematics look at this post,523.msg6431.html#msg6431
(Eleks uses basic GRBL PinOut and MOSFET decoupler)
You can find this board on ebay, bangood, Amazon and many other sites for less than 20$.


RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Beta Released
« on: November 07, 2016, 11:52:28 PM »

A general note .....
I live in Italy and can be MANY hours of time difference compared to where you live.
Moreover, often, Saturday and Sunday I dedicate myself to my family and not to RobotLaser.
Also, sometimes I am engaged with my business (RobotLaser is free and not pay my sustenance)
Please be patient if I do not answer immediately; be assured that I will reply as soon as I can.

Anyway, I'm very interested in yours feebacks.
To this serves Beta phase, and for this reason is free;
Thank you.


RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Beta Released
« on: November 07, 2016, 11:40:26 PM »
General answer on “Licensing Problem” error ........

The “Licensing Problem” error is generated when ActiveLock believes that the license has been hacked,
unfortunately the transition from summer to winter time is sometimes recognized
as a hacking attempt (not always),
this problem can also generated by the fact that the policy of the computer or the antivirus
does not allow you to write in system folders.
For this reason, the registration must be done by running the program as administrator,
as indicated in the instructions sent.

In this case will be necessary clear the previous license parts using the LicenseKiller program
that can be downloaded here:.
The program should be copied into the same folder of RobotLaser exe
to avoid resetting the trial period every 10 days you need a password
(valid for 1 week) to be requested by email or MP

Please launch licenseKiller as administrator.

After the cancellation of the license, restart RobotLaser (always as administrator)
and register it again (the already sent the code will be good, or generate a new one, as you prefer).
The license is tied to the Disk where RobotLaser is installed.
After the program is registered, would no longer be necessary to start it as administrator.

@soypat: --- I send you a email with Killer password and a License Code.

RobotLaser / DXF Import
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:25:05 AM »
The work on the import of DXF files is still in progress.
The software has been written based on the Draft R13
(if I remember AutoCAD LT2000)

Are recognized
some additional items such as THUMBNAILIMAGE and ACDSDATA,
but not implemented, only recognized to avoid errors.
Currently is implemented only ENTITIES Section,
Within this section are recognized
these entities:

Still under development:

In development on request only

is not supposed to be implemented the entities:

In the latest version was introduced an option to change laser power according to the Layer
by referring to Layer 0 = 100%
The colors associated with each layer are fixed, and are supported and a maximum of 16 layers.


RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Beta Released
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:28:21 PM »
The license is tied to the installation disk, not to the PC.
If you install RobotLaser in a USB KEY, you move the installation disk (the USB key) from a pc to another pc, and the validation code do not change, because it is locked to the disk where it is installed .... the USB key!
If you save a copy of the validation file, annexed to the confirmation email , in the same disk the system autovalidate at every change of PC.
Otherwise you need to rivalidade using always the same code sended.
Hope I clarify the misunderstanding.

RobotLaser / Re: RobotLaser Beta Released
« on: October 29, 2016, 10:39:26 AM »
Good evening,
ActiveLock is a quite complex, and customizabile system.
When the program starts a system signature is generated that contains a lot of information:
from the MAC address to the CPU serial (15 different features)
When you generate the code you can identify which features may change and what are locked.
I have chosen to lock the software on SN and Signature Of Hard Disk.
It is not hard to crack, but for my purposes is enought.
For 10,000€ Iuse a last generation hardware key,
but, for a 30-40€ software the effort to crack is greater than its cost.

This also answers the question about the cost.
Compared to the effort to write it, the value is minimal.
But I wanted cheap and available to all software.
(I would still write it for me, but without Multilanguage)

The software is written in "portable" technology :
so just unzip to any folder; the folder and contains everything you need (apart .Net framework 4)
For this reason I have not done an installer.
I think I do it on the final version, with a self-extracting WinZip .exe.

If you need more info on ActiveLock write me, and I'll explain with more details.

Good evening,

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