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T2 Engraving / T2Laser with CNC Shield v4 - Need help please.
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:26:18 PM »
1) It's a custom build laser engraving machine but I'v not build the structual yet just have the electronics parts.
2) The controller board is CNC Shield V4 (
3) With Benbox software + benbox.hex It works the X and Y axis stepper spin (Laser Diode not connected, waiting for received from china)
4) With benbox.hex + T2Laser It works XY axis stepper spin like 3).
5) With grbl 0.9 .hex (comes with T2)+T2Laser not works It's feel like stepper want to move but it can't, LED on Nano flashing rappidly.
6) With grbl 1.1c.hex (comes with T2)+ T2Laser the result is the same as 5).
7) With grbl 1.1d.hex, laserink.hex, jtech.hex each of them+T2Laser the result same as 5).

in sammarry:
My board works only bexbox.hex+T2Laser.
I've tried 1) to 7) with Universal gcode Sender and get the same result as T2.

p.s. I can't figure it out how to send gocde in Bencutlaser the gui is very complex.

Thanks in advance.

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