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Projects / MDF engrave
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:53:06 AM »

Did a test piece on some 3mm MDF and I'm surprised at how well it turned out. I thought it'd just char and go all gooey but it came out surpringly well, and it's a lot more consistent than real timber so as a canvas it's really nice material.

Engraved at 35mm/s and 12℅ - 100℅ power. I had done a couple of tests to find the optimal numbers for this material.

I used 0.2mm per line but probably could drop that to 0.15mm for better resolution - It was only a 50mmx45mm engrave anyway but it still came out great. The pic had a decent dpi so I could of gone bigger with 0.2mm and it would have still came out nice.

Cutting / Incomplete fine detail cuts
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:26:24 AM »
I'm having a slight issue with cutting thin material like mylar and cardstock for a particular application. Note: I'm trying to get fine detail cut-outs (e.g. 1mm x 1mm squares).

For the most part I'm getting good clean vector cuts but for any given design, I always end up with several rectangles/squares that don't quite detach - i.e. there's always a tiny undesired connection that stays there.

What's strange is that it is repeatable. As in every time I cut the same design, features in a given position will do it over and over again even though there are identical features (size and shape) elsewhere in the same design that dont do it. So, I think it's got to do with what is cut before or after that particular shape.

I believe what's happening is that the last segment of the shape is not meeting the node/first segment. 

For the shapes in question, I've confirmed that the generated gcode starts and stops at exactly the same point. I've tried experimenting with various parameters (below) to no avail:
- G1 feedrates
- laser power
- no. of passes
- machine acceleration
- G0 travels feedrates
- M3 vs M4

Nothing seems to really help - It might stop doing it on one particular shape but start to do it on another. What else could I try to vary to get what I want?

Engraving / Finishing greyscale engaved wood
« on: January 16, 2017, 05:49:06 AM »
I've just started playing with engraving in greyscale on some medium density and light to medium coloured timber (not certain of the type). At first I thought the result was pretty crap as it appeared to be just black and white with not much grey or much detail. Then as I picked up the piece I noticed some soot fall off, so I got a lightly damp cloth and wiped it. I could then see the detail which looked really nice. I also saw some nice "3d"  effect where the blacks engraved a touch deeper than the whites.

However, the contrast isn't really strong and the picture doesn't really "pop" off the wood.

So, what's the best way to get the image come out nicer?
How do I get the blacks to stay black? When I try to enhance contrast in software, it just engraves deeper but not necessarily darker, if you know what I mean.
Should I not be wiping at all?
Do I need to laquer it or adjust the settings?
Is this just bad timber to use?
Even so, how do you guys generally finish your pieces?

I have a 2.5W with full TTL and I had it set to 1-50% power at 1200mm/min. I had a small fan directed at it to blow the smoke away but not much of the soot.

General Discussion / Updated Banggood Laser kits? (Mana SE and TTL Laser)
« on: January 10, 2017, 07:56:49 PM »
So, I ordered an A5 size 2500mW Eleksmaker Laser Engraver kit last week and am yet to receive it.

I was just browsing around today and came across this:

This is the control board and it appears to be the new one superseding the old L7. It's a Mana SE I believe. It's the same product ID as the old L7 and a few days ago it was showing pics of the original controller but now pics are of new hardware (with 3 pin laser connector for TTL version?). Here's what they say:

"(Now the original board and the new one will send in random, but in the future, the new boards will replace the original ones, hope your kindly understanding, thank you:) )"

Also, on the A3 version someone wrote a review recently claiming that they got a kit with this new version of controller and with TTL laser instead of the traditional standard version. The reviewer seemed pissed about it but this is a good thing thing right? I should hope I get this version?

If interested here is the link to the A3 version - Check 3rd review from top dated 4th Jan:

I am betting they are going to replace all versions with this proper TTL version in a short while. They've even linked new software this month called EleksCAM. Thoughts?

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