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Hi there perhaps a goofy question but I'm curious about peoples opinion...

I would really like to be able to cut 6mm acrylic plastic in a few passes as possible...
I'm thinking of getting a 3018 cnc machine from ebay:

or perhaps a 15 Watt laser upgrade for my existing engraver...

Does anyone here have a 10 and up watt laser and what is your experience with cutting acrylic... I know clear acrylic is  a challenge and I am quite happy to limit my cutting to translucent or opaque acrylic... more function than design so to speak. :)   

I know in general larger wattage lasers do have larger laser dots,  but I suspect it may still be smaller than the bit used to cut acrylic... :)

does anybody have both types of systems?  Cheers. :)

Other Software / Possible feature addition?
« on: September 02, 2017, 09:44:51 PM »
could it be possible to add a counter to the T2laser controller dialog box (when a job is running) to show which pass the laser is on?
this would be handy when try to deturmin how many passes a particular material might require for a cut...   if there was a counter to show which pass it was on, it makes it easy to deturmine for the next time, how many passes to use?  :) hope this makes sense.... :)


Hi there, I know how to add text to a sketch, select the font, the size and the style.
I know how to place the text.   But I do not know how to flip it so it's a mirrored image of the text
so I can cut it reversed...   There does not appear to be any working Menu items in sketch mode,
and when I generate Gcode, and try to flip vertical or horizontal, the text does not flip.

just wondering what key step i may be missing... :)

If i load a jpg, or graphic into the software, the flip buttons work, just text generated in sketch do not appear to flip,
and I can still change them to filled or empty text, so I know the text does behave differently... so it's user error I'm sure,
but I still dont know how to flip the text. :)

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