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Laser Safety / The "Ferrari" of safety ...
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:50:18 PM »
If you want to improve your safety around your DIY Laser machine, have a look at: and see what is possible.

Explanations in German, but the pictures illustrate what is going on.

LaserGrbl / LaserGRBL doesn't switch the Laser ON
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:38:01 AM »
... my headline might be a bit misleading as I am not reporting a software failure.
Quite the contrary:

I am using currently an Eleksmaker L7 board (no mod with a pull down resistor yet).
As others I do have the issue with Eleksmaker's software and also T2Laser that the laser is switched ON when starting or closing the apps.
Before modding my board with a recommended pull down resistor, I replaced the laser with a blue LED (and a 1k resistor in series) to avoid too much burning innocent material to test the different software packages to make sure the LaserON problem is/is not software GRBL related, as read here and in other forums.

In my given configuration I got the following test results:

1. The Eleksmaker app switches the LaserON when starting up and when I close the app ...)
2. T2Laser has the LaserON problem (1-2sec) when switching from the LaserControl window back to the initial screen (only that direction causes a LaserON issue in my configuration, others report the other way round or in both directions, when switching between the windows).
3. LaserGRBL does NOT switch my Laser ON, neither on startup nor when closing the app - without having changed anything on the hardware side!

So, at least LaserGRBL is apparently configured in a way that it overcomes the floating issue, which is due to the boot up sequence of the Arduino. So a mod is not necessary for users who only use LaserGRBL.

My next step is to solder the pull down resistor to the L7 board to see if I can persuade T2Laser to leave the Laser OFF when returning to the main window and test, if it has any impact on LaserGRBL. Eleksmaker software has already been sent to the bin.

T2 Engraving / Eleksmaker L7 - 2sec Laser ON >SOLVED<
« on: January 10, 2018, 07:13:15 AM »
Hi all,

I carefully read the threads about the Eleksmaker Mana SE "Laser ON" fix by soldering an appropriate pull down resistor to overcome the floating state of the Nano when powering up.
My L7 board behaves like this during the startup and operation sequence:

1. L7 board is OFF
2. Start T2 Laser application (Main window)
3. Load/manipulate object to be lasered; save G-Code
4. Switch to "Control Laser" window / setup workpiece etc. and start lasering

Up to this point everything works as expected and the Laser behaves like it should imho.
But - if I forget to switch the board OFF and go back to the startup window of T2Laser -> Laser switches ON for about 2sec and burns in "zero-position" into the workpiece.

Besides of hardware workaround - isn't that also possible to maintain the Arduino in a safe Laser-control status?
Or is the control for these 2 sec not possible?

Power ON: Laser is always OFF while Arduino and

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