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T2 Engraving / Feed rate - units question.
« on: June 28, 2020, 01:32:03 AM »
I have tried to find in what units is the feed rate, but wasn't very successful. Is it mm/min, or mm/meter? or in inches?

And what would be good max speed and max acceleration for a3 eleksmaker diode laser please?
Thank you in advance!

Cutting / My "pin table" for eleksmaker
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:31:53 PM »
Just wanted to share my idea of a pin table I have made recently. Size of the metal sheet is 40 x 30 cm, and have used 200 push pins from staples.

Hi people,
I have (as more of you) came across with the unfinished cuts / not cutting through problems. You can see those on attached pictures. I have laser 2500 mw ttl/pwm, t2laser full version and was running grbl 1.1e. I have tried "grbl 1.1f High freq pwm" as well - no success.

I have enabled "reduced acceleration mode" in advance settings and I have disabled "dynamic laser power". Nothing helped. This happens more on curved lines than on straight lines.
I am not great with electronic stuff at all, but to me it seems that either the laser turns off too soon or is not getting enough power. I just dont know what the f*** is going on.

ANY advice appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, does anyone have an answer for me?
Thank you in advance!

Hi guys,
So basically i just purchased eleksmaker 2500 ttl / pwm laser + the frame. I think i have to do some soldering because the wires of that laser might be short. I will see. I got my 12” x 12” laser shielding which covers the wave length of that laser. So safety enclosure (box) wont be a problem. Already thought this out.
What other things should i do before burning?
Firmware update?
Getting t2l software...
What else?

Thank you in advance!

First small introduction,
My name is Robert, i live in vancouver and I am super new in the laser field. I would like to purchase laser for cutting cardstock / mylar stencils for my airbrush work. Since the knowledge of electricity and such is basically none, i will need your help guys.

Like I mentioned before i would like to buy 5w laser. I have read that it should be ttl / pwd for better control and results. No idea what means ttl and pwd. I have to do more investigation on this.

My plan is to buy separately a3 eleksmaker pro frame and ttl / pwd 5 w laser. I know that the frame comes with control board mana se i think which should work well woth 2.5 w laser. Will it work with 5w laser too? Or 5w requires some “stronger” control board?

Basically what (except the frame kit) should i get to make 5w laser working?

Some people adviced to use computer power supply because it is more reliable than the power supply which comes with laser. How do you connect computer power supply to the laser please?

Thank you in advance,
Robert C.

P.s any diode laser owners from vancouver canada?

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