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Eleksmana v5.2 board with T2 registered was working perfectly,
then I tried to use it while WIN 10 was performing the monthly update and now I can open the COM port but  not getting the Grbl welcome in T2.
I have tried everything from driver to flashing both Eleksmaker and T2 sources with no change.
Thinking WIN 10  is messing things as updates are for Europe while now I have set the region to US. Is that still necessary to change region to US and the decimal symbol from comma to dot with last version of T2?

T2 Engraving / T2 not working after last WIN 10 update
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:40:22 AM »
Everything working great till yesterday.
I was ready to engrave text image, but when turning on power, laser blowing up at maximum and no response from axes.
I tried everything I have read here till this morning (EU time) laptop restarted due to a new WIN 10 update.
After that I restarted everything: removed and reinstalled driver from Elekscam softaware, updated firmware from EleksROM 3.8, both successfully. Board is EleksMana V5.2
I can see the port on device manager, but Elekscam 3.1 cannot find COM port
T2 last registered version is able to connect tomy COM6 but not getting the GRBL greeting
So I tried to flash firmware as default getting the attached result i.e. avrdude not is sync


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