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T2 Software Updates / Overview whats-new in T2Laser V1.6b available?
« on: January 20, 2021, 04:54:54 AM »
I have just updated my T2Laser to v1.6b and was hoping to find any info what has changed/corrected/extended with this update.
The topics I found about updates in this forum are quiet old (sep 2020) with nothing mentioning v1.6b

Best regards,


T2 Engraving / Colors in PDF not picked up by T2. (Solved)
« on: June 08, 2020, 06:58:20 AM »
I have a PDF containing different colors. When I import the file in T2 all colors are replaced by black.
Am I overlooking a setting here?

T2 Engraving / T2 Enhancement requests
« on: May 12, 2020, 08:19:41 AM »
Multi-pass value gone
- Settings/multi-pass (vector) - set to value 5
- Profiles - create new profile (or right an existing profile) and save the setting
- look in settings/multi pass again and T2 shows value 'custom' instead of 5. I cannot check which value is now active.
I think the value should set to 5 when this is stored in the profile.

Add Multi-Pass value and cooling down delay in header of G-Code
At this moment the laser power, Vector rate, Rapid feed are included in the header of the nc file.
It would be very nice if the values of multi-pass and cool down delay are added in the header info as well.

Assembly Help / How to connect Air Support valve to board?
« on: April 02, 2020, 06:17:49 AM »
I have a EleksMana V5.2 and added Air Support with a compressor. A 12V DC valve let me open or close the tube.  At the moment I open and close the valve manually.  I was wondering if I could control this valve by the board directly, would be nice wouldn't it?

And if so, can T2Laser support this feature as well?

Greetings Maarten

I have created a simple autocad dwg file (release 2020) and saved it as dxf (release 2000/LT2000).
T2 tells me the format is invalid. What am I overlooking here?

Best regards,
Maarten Weers


BenCutLaser / BCL Hangs in certain conditions (CLOSED)
« on: February 04, 2020, 04:13:42 AM »
I noticed BCL (ver 3.2)  hangs in certain conditions.
go to tab 'Laser Tool Parameters', press button 'left/right test'. This executes the movement of the laser with the correct power. After the movement ends and laser turned off BCL keeps showing the timer as the mouse icon. And then BCL hangs, I need to use program manager to stop the process. I can replay this issue.

A similar behavior appeared earlier while I was playing around in BCL. I cannot remember when this happend and I concluded I did something wrong. But during the last 24 hours, it happened several  times so I became more focused when it happens. I will report other situations as well when I can pinpoint the moments more precise.

BCL Version 3.2
windows 10 home, version 10.0.18362 build 18362

Eleksmaker Mana SE V3.2
nano flashed to 1.1e (see startup info below)
   ( BenCutLaser (c) 2016-2018 All Rights Reserved )
   ( Developed by Ralph Freshour and Paul Henty )
   ( )
   ( Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud ) 
   Grbl 1.1e ['$' for help]

Best regards,

BenCutLaser / How to map DXF layers to BCL? (RESOLVED)
« on: February 04, 2020, 03:23:52 AM »
Hello everybody,

Since two days I am playing with my Eleksmaker A3 laser cutter. Concerning the time span I am very happy with the results till now. The machine is working fine with BCL (trial).I am able to execute gcode to the machine, great! This morning I made a start with a custom dxf file (just simple, one text object and a few rectangles) and can load in inside BCL.

But now I am wondering if, and if so how, I can map a dxf layer inside bcl? So layer 'Cut' should be recognized for one single ToolPath? (and then be used for one Laser Tool Parameter)
So when my drawing contains two layers, named 'Cut' and 'Engrave', two tool path should be created in BCL.

I scanned to manual published on the web side and I couldn't find any info, maybe I overlooked it.

Best regards from a rainy Netherlands,

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