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T2 Engraving / A little problem
« on: August 28, 2016, 02:02:16 AM »
Hi Every one, first thing I want to say is what a cool site,
there are some great topics, and some very clever people here.

Like so many people, I have purchased one of them nice little laser engravers off eBay,
 I got the 40x30cm 2.5 w eleks maker series, with L7 board, reading what it could do on
 eBay it covered every thing I wanted to do.
After putting it together and initial testing, I was reasonably happy with it, using  Benbox,
 but the first problem was it had no low laser light for focus, and I could not do Grey scale
 engraving with it, which was one of the main reasons I got it.

Like you do, I have contacted the seller several times, he has responded but he does
 not understand what the problem is ?
and was looking into it, that was 2 weeks ago, at this point I was saying to myself,
 I should have know better when after scouring the net, I came across you guy's,
 and found out I was not the only one to have fallen for the disinformation given
about some of these engravers on eBay.

In the end I am now using Zax's T2 laser software in the hopes that it would get me
 back my soft focus light and allow me to do some grey scale engraving, I tried the
 trial version and every thing was pointing to it working I had low laser light back and
 I thought I had control over the laser power but after purchasing the full copy
 of Zax's software, it soon became apparent I did not, (my fault ) , the laser does
not burn anything under 220  and it is a bit weaker than 255 but nothing in-between.
My question to you Guy's is Does this sound like its just the laser hardware that's
incapable of producing the variable power
Or have I missed something on the software side (don't think I have ).
If it is the hardware can anybody recommend a laser that will work with Zax's excellent software,
I do have another laser only a 1 watt that does have a separate
 TTL  part to it, but I am unsure how to connect it up to the Eleks maker board,
or am I not looking at this problem right.

Any help would be gratefully received, Thanks Guy's  :)
Paul ,from the UK

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