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Laser Modules / Re: NEJE 20W Temperature sensor
« on: September 14, 2019, 11:36:54 AM »
Seems to be.. Like "music power" for speakers. As I said, seems to be a ~5w laser power.
I wonder what (and where to buy) is the most powerful blue led laser module that can be run at full 100% pwm power.

Laser Modules / Re: NEJE 20W Temperature sensor
« on: September 14, 2019, 08:52:04 AM »
It draws almost 2 amps on 12v but I think the actual cutting results are close to 5.5w laser. Still testing.

Laser Modules / NEJE 20W Temperature sensor
« on: September 13, 2019, 11:36:43 PM »
Hi, just installed the NEJE 20w laser head to replace a deteriorated 5.5w module. This one has a temperature measurement wire.

I plan to use a precision V-meter to show the working "temperature". Do you know *exactly* how to wire this? Attaching the original illustration.
So what I understand from the image, I need a voltage reference, and my "temp" wire is IO? Then I measure between IO and GND to get values from the table?

There are replacement lenses but a few years ago I tested several and found the difference was negligible, it's been a while but I think it was the G2 that performed slightly better. I tested with a 2.5W for engraving so the 5.5W may perform differently.

Yes, I have something like 3-4 lenses myself performing quite similarly. I was just wondering about the "lost" energy leakage - but I guess because of the square beam.

Just a quick update - I replaced the old laser with the new one and it cuts again, as expected. (both 5.5w)
Meanwhile I just used several more passes for cutting. The old head will be stored as a spare.

BTW. I notice some faint laser light "leak" to the side of the 'dot" on high power even the beam is focused. Are there some better lenses to fix that and should I even bother... (I guess the amount of the energy lost is very small)

I started with a 5.5V for cutting, then engraving, then the junk box. Bought a 1.6W unit that cuts and etches better. Then purchased a 2.5W for etching on slate.

I recall that the 5.5W uses about 3.5A at 12V. Do you have a bench supply with power meter?

I believe it will be my case also (before that I will convert it from 2ówire to TTL (already ordered a power controller)
Meanwhile I have ordered also a new laser head (actually two :) - one TTL 5.5w and one hopefully more powerful)

Just checked the power supply rating - it's 10A actually. I do have a bench power supply - but I'm waiting for the new stuff to arrive. Then I will be able to compare.

BTW for how long did you use your 5.5w head before it started to fail?

What is the power rating of your 12V supply?

Another possible cause is the Y stepper motors are drawing too much power.
It also crossed my mind, but I could not find a proof. Also checked with a spare controller board. Also checked spare lens... The fact that it's running a bit hot concerns me.
It should be enough, having 4-5 Amps... Checked for voltage drops while moving, I cannot see any. (Also it was working fine before)
I have also checked settings on  the drivers. It also seems fine.

I ordered a TTL power board to see if it can improve things, and will report back when it arrives.
If it's the diode, I guess I can reduce the power a bit and use this head for engraving some more time,and buy another one for cutting...

I would say the diode most likely, is the fan running normally?
Yes, the fan is spinning, although it's below the electronics. I should disassemble and clean, I guess.

Yes... I thought so myself.
BTW I just noticed the laser housing gets more hot then usual. Do you think changing the power module could help or it is more likely that it's the diode?

Cutting / 5.5w vertical lines recent cutting problem (not wood grain)
« on: August 11, 2019, 04:21:44 AM »
Hi, first some info:
5.5w laser module with low power button on top
L7 control board
40x50 frame machine
T2laser software (great - highly recommend)
1.1e grbl (default)
Now the problem - everything seamed fine for a long time until couple days ago when I noticed significant difference in cutting 3mm plywood horizontally and vertically. Turning the plywood 90deg didn't help - nothing to do with the wood grain.
My horizontal lines cut just fine but vertical seems like the power is "trembling" and the line is kind of perforated, barely through the back side, not fully cut.
I am aware that my laser beam is a bit square (not round) and that vertical lines are wider because of that. Is it possible to make the vertical resolution bigger for the y-axis motors in order to compensate for this as I think this might help?

Also I have noticed that when I use the button on the laser module to additionally lower the beam while positioning the laser - now the difference is less noticeable.

Can my problem be related to the laser power module?

Anyone has a clue?

I am currently working on a controller board which can use either an Adruino Nano or an ESP32 board as the CPU. Version 1 is working, version 2 has some modifications and the blank boards have arrived.

Getting the blank boards from a Chinese PCB house at about $2.00US for 5 boards. You then need a NodeMCU-32S, headers, connectors , power jack, power switch, some discretes, A4998 stepper motor drivers, etc and about an hour of soldering. Board is good for 2.5W diodes. Above 8W I use an independent power supply.

The GRBL 1.1 firmware is available on github and is under active development. The admin for the site, Bart Dring,  also sells PCB's.  I have not yet tried the wireless  and or sdcard features.

Please do notify when you release the design. I'm good with ordering boards and soldering, and have spare Arduinos and ESP-32s :)


No, I don't have a CNC (yet) but plan to upgrade the Laser with a Z-axis focus upgrade. The "remote" option is not a must. It is more about getting a more reliable board - and working nicely with T2.
Also GRBL 1.1 support would be great.
My main L7 board fried pretty much, and I'm running on spare. Stumbled upon this thread when I was looking for a board compatible with T2 and more reliable (and also supported Z-axis)

So what would you recommend for T2laser then?

I am thinking of a board replacement (currently L7 with default T2laser provided 1.1e).
Is this the one I should consider? Any recommendations?
Can this board be upgraded to grbl 1.1?

Spare Parts Sources / Re: Acrylic plates
« on: January 10, 2017, 03:05:59 AM »
Anyone got gantry drawings for the bigger A3 machine?

General Discussion / Re: promising Board for Laser
« on: December 29, 2016, 04:39:57 AM »

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