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ordered a laseraxe board. watch this space :-)

cables not an issue, I can make them or probably just buy some.
As far as I can see from the laseraxe section of this forum, it comes with grbl installed.

well i got someone asking the same question on the eleksmaker forum - no replies.
A bunch of sites in chinese - presumably selling the board, and a lot of pictures of it.

How it's attached to a board and what board - not a thing ;-(

would this work ?

I count 7 unused 2 pin connectors.

Ah ha:

Even has endstop connectors. That's something I'd quite like.. As far as I can see it's got all the right connectors and all 2 pin.
Seperate fan socket too :-)

Presumably this would work with lasergrbl ?

Just found a 3d printable laser holder that screws up and down. saves mucking about with the lens cap. So I'll do that in the meantime :-)

how do I plug a 2 pin connector into athree pin connector.
Where would the pins go and what does the redundant one actually do ?

Also, there are a lot of these things being sold - so somewhere there must be a correct board for them to connect to.

I'm not au fait with electronics and don't solder - so simple solutions and explanations are preferable :-)

If necessary I do have a mate who can solder stuff.
But I'd prefer to just have the right board. 

Long story short.
I bought a cheap a3 engraver from hong kong.
Came with a 12v 500mw that lasted all of 3 hours and then refused to burn anything.

I bought a 2.5watt that came with a little daughter board.
First pic is my current controller board, an arduino nano.

Just has a 2 pin output for a 5 or 12v laser diode. Works well actually - currently using a 1watt 5 volt, designed for those teeny tiny neje usb powered engravers.
Was really cheap and works way better than the 12v the machine came with.

second pic is the 2.5 watt laser and board. Has 2pin 12 volt power plug and two 2 pin sockets on the board.

third pic is the two 2 pin sockets on the daughter board, that I presume are supposed to connect to the controller board.
For the life of me I cannot find any such controller board online.
The eleksmaker boards have three pin connectors. The arduino also seem to have 3 pin connectors.

There are a lot of people selling these lasers with the same daughter boards - so presumably there must be a way of utilising them.
I'm currently drawing a total blank.

Please help :-)

LaserGrbl / Re: Creating gcode loops for lasergrbl buttons
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:15:39 AM »
Yeah came to the same conclusion.

I actually found 4 completely different ways to loop gcode. None of them work on the grbl code.

But the button I made does 5 loops round the frame with very low power laser. Not sure what it does if you're using offsets.
haven't tested that yet.
Attached my grbl buttons file anyway.
It's got: 5x frame loop button.
10% (ish) laser on button
100% laser on button
laser off button.

Why grbl doesn't come with these as standard I don't know. I've read the authors explanation: 'people can make their own buttons'.
Well yes, but I would have thought those 4 I made should be basic commands for any laser engraving software.

Even the fancy ones don't seem to have them.

And i think now I've tried most of them.

Anyway a nice slow 5 repeat loop clicked a couple of times lets you get pretty good object placement :-)

Hopefully my next problem will be as easily solved :-)

LaserGrbl / Creating gcode loops for lasergrbl buttons
« on: June 02, 2018, 08:21:12 AM »
I have just spent an hour ot two going through every gcode loop method I can find (more than you'd think)) and none of them work for lasergrbl buttons.

I just want to repeat the outline for the thing about to be cut.

I can do it once with low power laser, no problem.

(start of loop would go here)

G0 X
Y[bottom] F3000
M4 S200
G1 X
G1 X
G1 X
G1 X

(end loop would go here)

G0 X0 Y0 F3000
But to get something correctly placed for engraving I need to remotely repeat that either till told to stop or a set number of times.

Anybody have a clue how to do this ?

I'm using a cheap eleksmaker a3 clone, with a few mods. So positioning of parts to be cut/engraved is a manual job and fairly crucial. 
Also I'm extremely new to g-code :-) So any explanations need to be pretty basic.

I have created a button that runs the outline 5 times with low laser, simply by copying and pasting the middle bit 5x.
Not elegant and not easy to change the number of iterations. But for the time being, it'll do the job. I suppose I can paste it 10x and make another button.
But would be a lot easier if you could just change one number and that would change the number of frame outlines.

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