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swapped Eleksmaker Arduino clone with Hiletgo one, installed driver and 1.1 firmware, then sent parameters through T2Laser and at moment it works back perfectly even dimension are correct.
So definetly not a Win 10 issue.

You are right, it was just to show the laser board, my controller has a separate 12v connector.

My concern is if I definetly change to SainSmart controller keeping this laser should I attach the power cable (red/black) to laser connector and the signal one (green/yellow) to TTL connector?

Thanks for your great support.

Laser runs like that maybe managed by the laser board as in the attached pic (a super clone) 5.5 W

What I don't know is how to adapt (if possible) to the SainSmart controller

So maybe it is something else not working, attached is the controller with a strange laser connection

Now I would change the nano board with the attached one, it is said they are already bootloadered: that means I can simply swap and upload firmware?

Other solution a new controller, but not sure if the current laser could be attached there

Thanks for any suggestion

you are right (as usual) I have seen that 1000 power get out when checking Grbl parameter under T2Laser controller menu.

Back to Elekscam it detects COM port but when refreshing it failed to connect

T2Laser seems to connect but it cannot get the Grbl feedback

Even found a way to remove some Win updates as when launching Elekscam I was getting a popup "choose your game", now it is disappeared.

I also have removed some old USB drivers and now COM port is 8 (before it was 6) but still no communication.

So at this point I give up unless you have any extreme suggestion, hope to find another Win10 laptop to try again.

looks it uploaded Eleks firmare as I found 1000 as max power in T2 while before and when working it was 255, but no control at all. When I check in device manager it says 9600 baud and I tried also changing to 115200 and also the advanced options.

I know it is not a T2 issue, what I see that driver keeps the whole history of events even if I remove the device so it is not a clear reinstall for some reason.

yes, a little progress but still no Grbl message

If I don't lose the registration I would like to try uninstall and reinstall a fresh T2 in the updated
 windows environment

last minute update: after flashing with eleksrom T2 has set automatically 1000 as max power

I have tried to back win10 to a previous point, but it is unable to complete operation (don't know is even laptop is messed up or just win10)

I have uninstalled the current driver (2014), rebooteed  laptop, and the installed the driver (2011) from T2, but same behaviour.
The strange thing is that I can still see all the  COM port events since ten days ago.

I also tried to flash with T2 selecting both default and eleksmana, but not working giving some not sync error
I tried to reflah with eleksrom, but AV blocked, so I have added eleksrom.exe to AV exceptions, (unfortunately there is no T2laser.exe to add) and I can flash or at least program gets to end without errors.

If I try to uninstall T2 and then have a new download for the new updated win10 environment do I lose the registration?

Eleksmana v5.2 board with T2 registered was working perfectly,
then I tried to use it while WIN 10 was performing the monthly update and now I can open the COM port but  not getting the Grbl welcome in T2.
I have tried everything from driver to flashing both Eleksmaker and T2 sources with no change.
Thinking WIN 10  is messing things as updates are for Europe while now I have set the region to US. Is that still necessary to change region to US and the decimal symbol from comma to dot with last version of T2?

T2 Engraving / Re: T2 not working after last WIN 10 update
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:49:23 AM »
Thanks for the support, removed and added driver, but nothing changed, I have seen the attached info on device manager

can I remove laser cables so I can make trials with a powered board without burning the desk?

I had set the laptop for US region and EN language, but before it was Italy and IT, can this mess the updates?

T2 Engraving / T2 not working after last WIN 10 update
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:40:22 AM »
Everything working great till yesterday.
I was ready to engrave text image, but when turning on power, laser blowing up at maximum and no response from axes.
I tried everything I have read here till this morning (EU time) laptop restarted due to a new WIN 10 update.
After that I restarted everything: removed and reinstalled driver from Elekscam softaware, updated firmware from EleksROM 3.8, both successfully. Board is EleksMana V5.2
I can see the port on device manager, but Elekscam 3.1 cannot find COM port
T2 last registered version is able to connect tomy COM6 but not getting the GRBL greeting
So I tried to flash firmware as default getting the attached result i.e. avrdude not is sync


Same issue even with the new(?) EleksMana v5.2 board, laser keeps flashing till I open the Laser window

I'm not great at soldering, so what about soldering the resistor bridge between green and yellow cables instead of soldering directly to the board?

p.s. New to T2 but looks great, already engraved from a dxf file

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