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T2 Engraving / Re: Stepper binding with specific T2 command
« on: April 30, 2019, 05:16:45 PM »
$100 is the steps per mm for X-axis, it should be 80 for most laser machines.

G0 is a rapid move so ignores the feed rate, it uses $110. So lower that to 2500 and G0 will act like the G1 command you say works. The default is 4000 which on most machines won't cause a problem.

You may need to adjust the acceleration, in the settings menu you can select Reduced Acceleration.

Thank you for the prompt reply.   I am testing what will be the Z axis, I have a mana SE board I connected it to on the X axis, which I why I am adjusting the $100.  I am trying to get the information tested before I connect to my 3 axis mana board.

Will do on the $110

More on $100.    When I set $100=400 and move 20mm the measured movement is 10mm. I set it t0 $100=800 and when I move 20mm the measured movement is 20mm. So I am using this extra board to figure out what I need to set the Z at in my other board.

T2 Engraving / Stepper binding with specific T2 command
« on: April 30, 2019, 04:47:35 PM »
I am trying set $100 in T2.

Currently have it set at $100=800.  When I use "Control Laser" to move the stepper it binds with 20 and 50 movements.

Youtube Video

This happens with G91G00X50F2000, G91G00X-50F2000, and sometimes with G91G00X20F2000, G91G00X-20F2000

This does not happen when I send G1 X50 F2000, I have even manually sent G1 X50 F2500 without issue.

This binding happened on 20 and 50 when the current was set at .4  The current is currently set at .9

This also does not happen at with $100=400.00

Z Axis / Your expertise on Z axis please
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:05:13 PM »
I purchased a Z axis for my eleksmaker

The amazon link is here

Here are some specs
  • Guide: 12mm, type: linear system mould. Duration of travel: 100mm, ball screw type: sfu1204, level ball screw: c7
  • Horizontal load: 20 kg Vertical load: 8 kg, Speed: 1-66mm/s
  • Stepper motor: Nema 17, 24v 1.5a, torque 0.5nm.

Guide: 12mm
type: linear system mould
duration of travel: 100mm
Balls crew type: sfu1204
level ball screw: c7
stepper motor: include
Stepper motor: nema17
Motor size: 48*42
Step angle: 1.8
Number steps per turn: 200 steps
Inductance of coil windings: 10
Resistance of coil windings: 3.5
Horizontal load: 20KGS
Vertical load: 8KGS
Speed: 1-66mm/s

I am quite impressed with it just based on handling it out of the package. I am much impressed that it has zero slop.

I have this wired to connect to connect to the eleksmaker 3 axis board:

With the 24v 1.5a will it destroy the eleksmaker mana 3 axis board?  Is it likely that 24v 1.5a are the maximum loads? 

I have followed Zax on adjusting the pots on the driver provided by eleksmaker, could someone please advise on what the voltage should be for this stepper?


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