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Assembly Help / Wires have the wrong connection terminals
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:35:53 AM »
Hi, I am glad to have found this forum since information about these "cheap Chinese lasers" can be hard to find.

I recently purchased a "5500mw A5 Mini Laser Engraving Machine" from

I assembled it yesterday based on a couple of youTube videos. The build went well, but when I went to wire the motors to the control board, I noticed that two of the three cables have (what I believe to be) the wrong terminal connectors. The shorter laser motor-to-board cable is correct (2-pin at board, 6-pin at motore), but the two longer cables for the other axis motors are 4-pin at board (correct) and 4-pin at motor (not right as the motors need a six pin connector).

I've emailed Gearbest support, but they can be hard to deal with at times...communication barrier. Can anyone confirm that these are, in fact, the wrong connectors? I *can* plug the cable into four of the six pins at the motor, but I hesitate to power it up like this.

Edit 3/29/2016: I have some extra six-pin female conectors and crimp able contact leads. I also have the corresponding male connectors just in case. If anyone encounters the "wrong connector issue", PM me on the forum and I'll send you some as needed. Only four pins are used on my stepper motors; the two outermost and the two innermost.

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