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Convert2DXF / Welcome @Agastar
« on: August 20, 2016, 06:37:43 PM »
I'd like to welcome @agastar to this software board: Convert2DXF

He has stepped up and has decided to try his development hand at creating a piece of software that we can all use: it will convert .pdf and .svg files into .dxf files.

I created this board specifically for his project. @Zax and myself will be working with @Agastar as he develops this application. Those of you who might have an interest in following this project now have an opportunity to follow it and to contribute to it by asking questions and, in general, helping to shape its functionality and usability.

This thread was originally started in the BenCutLaser board and I have moved it into this board to continue on.

As you can see, it has grabbed a lot of attention with its high number of views. So, clearly, there is a lot of interest in his idea!

BenCutLaser / MOVED: RC Modelers
« on: August 20, 2016, 06:32:20 PM »

BenCutLaser / Laserable Aluminum from HorizonISG
« on: August 19, 2016, 08:30:06 PM »
I received some sheets of laserable aluminum from a company called Horizons Inc. located at

They call this material 'AlumaMark'.

This material is laserable by my 2.5 watt laser -- but -- the material is harder than the material from JohnsonPlastics I tried the other day and posted about here.

See attachment.

I needed to go to 100% power and speed down to 50 in order to engrave good looking text. So it works, but its slow.

So now we have two materials to choose from to do this type of work.

BenCutLaser / BenCutLaser Latest Download 1.8.3 a
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:18:46 AM »
Download the latest BCL version here:

1.8.3 a

Release 1.8.3 a

Criticak Arc toolpath bug fix.

Release 1.8.2 d

Three Text objects in a .dxf file bug fix.

Release 1.8.2 c

Text objects Save link bug fix.

Release 1.8.2 b

This update adds three important parameters to the Grbl settings for Grbl version 1.1e. Those three parameters are: $30, $31 and $32. These are now inlcuded in the SetFactoryGrblSettings link on the COM Port tab.

Release 1.8.2 a

1. My co-developer Paul has finished coding the Arc Assistant, or what we are now calling the G-Code Visual Editor! This feature is available in the Virtual Laser Machine (VLM) tab and you can now write g-code on the left side in the G-Code Editor -- or -- using your mouse to click and drag Lines and Arcs on the right side in the VLM canvas itself. As you visually do this in the VLM canvas, the g-code of that object is dynamically updated on the left side in the editor itself.

Watch the video tutorial Paul made here on my Youtube Channel:

2. Huge speed up of toolpath operations on large dxf files.

3. Bug fixes and code clean up in various areas.

Release 1.8.1 r

1. Updated toolpath creation. Re-sequencing toolpath order is much faster now. Video tutorial here:

Release 1.8.1 p

1. Fixed bug in g-code generation for some Circles ending at 360 degrees.

2. Cleaned up display when sending g-code to the laser machine. Now only g-code is displayed to user. Look for M30 end of g-code command.

3. Enhanced and cleaned up toolpath files Save and loadTPFILE on tabs 3 and now tab 4.

Release 1.8.1 o

1. Maintenance release.

Release 1.8.1 n

1. Main drawing canvas bug fix.

Release 1.8.1 m

IMPORTANT: Zip file is back!

1. Fixed some bugs in the Laser Tools folder area.

2. Fixed a gcode generation bug related to Circle objects.

3. Internal updates and enhancements made in a few other areas.

Release 1.8.1 i

IMPORTANT: I am still having FTP file upload problems. I had to upload the .exe file this time. It is NOT zipped. So this means you may have issues downloading an .exe file to your PC. As soon as I can resolve my web hosting FTP issues I can go back to uploading zip files. I have ran 3 different anti-virus programs on this .exe file and it is clean!

1. Fixed several Polyline, Circle and Arc gcode generation bugs relating to decimal places expanding to 4 places.

2. Fixed a User Comment bug associated with laser tools.

Release 1.8.1 d

IMPORTANT: I am having FTP file upload problems with my web hosting provider. I had to upload the .exe file this time. It is NOT zipped. So this means you may have issues downloading an .exe file to your PC. As soon as I can resolve my web hosting FTP issues I can go back to uploading zip files. I have ran 3 different anti-virus programs on this .exe file and it is clean!

1. Fixed some Arc gcode generation issues with some Polyline drawing objects.

2. Added jogging short cut keys to the Laser Tool Parameters tab. You have to click into the lower left corner sub-tabs (Laser Focus and Test Shapes) for this to work.


Release 1.8.1 c

Additional tab and menu items added to language translation .csv files.

Drawing object Lines and Arrowheads code rework/clean up.

Maintenance release (minor bug fixes, code clean up, enhancements).

Release 1.8.1 b

Bug fix for Polylines IsClosed (Forced).

Added in Setup new tab Find Old DXF Files. Select the folder and BCL will find all .dxf files that are older than year 2000. You can click Write .CSV button to write this list to a .csv file in the same folder. Using your CAD program, open the listed file and do a Save As to a new format - year 2000 and later - and then BCL can open them.

Small enhancements and tweaks. Some small bug fixes.

Release 1.8.1 a

Bug fix to the new main canvas DPI structure for Circles and Arcs to display correctly with DXF files.


If you decide to purchase a Paid license, please use this Paypal email address:

Thank you for your support.

BenCutLaser / BenCutLaser Help Files 1.5.0
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:16:50 AM »
Here are the BenCutLaser help file download URL's

I have also made a number of video tutorials. Those can be found at my Youtube Channel here:

BenCutLaser / Laserable Aluminum Example
« on: August 17, 2016, 09:10:54 PM »
I ordered some laserable aluminum just to see how it would work with BenCutLaser. I wanted to see if I could make plaques and signs. The material arrived today and the attachment says it all. It was hard to get a good picture because of the reflection, but looking at it up close, it came out awesome!

They have different colors and I ordered (obviously as you can see) black.

BenCutLaser / 1.6 watt laser
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:29:08 PM »
FYI -- I am planning to order a 1.6 watt laser diode from China. I am getting a price quote from my China factory, Novel Life.

I want to see how the 1.6 watt unit compares to using my 2.5 watt unit -- and -- I want to measure its heat signature when running at 100% power.

General Discussion / Most online record for our little forum
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:21:03 PM »
Two days ago, our little forum, set a most online record of 95 users...!!! Yes, I realize we're not as big as but we're growing!!!

I spend a lot of time rejecting new accounts because their email addresses end in *.ru which is a big source of spam. And I also reject other email addresses that look strange to me. I'd say we're getting about 12 to 16 new account requests per day (which is slowly increasing each week) and about 20% to 30% of those I reject.

So, despite all of that, our little community is growing...!!!

Trouble Shooting / Dwa: New member needs some help
« on: August 01, 2016, 08:15:34 PM »
I got a new laser machine a 2000mw A5 engraver,I have been told to get benbox and grbl, I can not find a site to download these without a bunch of other files in there. I did get one answer about the red buttons thanks. Some people say to load the software first then plug in usb cable. Others say load drivers first then plug in usb cable then load software the plug in the power.
I do not know what to do, I have a $200 machine and do not know how to even get it running.

This question is from DWA -- can someone please jump in here and help him?


I have released two advanced BenCutLaser video tutorials on Toolpaths and reading the Gcode Generation window (at a high level).

They are now up on my Youtube Channel:

General Discussion / Visitors in July 2016
« on: July 28, 2016, 07:56:16 PM »
See screen shot.

General Discussion / Passed 600+ registered users this week!
« on: July 28, 2016, 07:44:03 PM »
Just an FYI -- we passed the 600 mark for registered users this week...!!!

BenCutLaser / How to verify you're running Grbl 0.9i
« on: July 25, 2016, 07:10:32 PM »
My beta testers are asking me how do you determine that BCL is running Grbl 0.9i on the laser controller board?

Simply start up BCL and connect to your laser machine. You'll see the welcome msg and the Grbl version info:

BenCutLaser (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved
Beta Version 0.9.2
Developed by Ralph Freshour

Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud

Grbl 0.9i ['$' for help]

Spare Parts Sources / Looking for another power supply
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:50:38 AM »
I'm looking for another power supply, as shown in the attachment.

Anyone know who carries this kind?


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