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BenCutLaser / Images coming to BCL (INFO)
« on: March 28, 2017, 08:57:13 AM »
Paul has been hard at work on adding image capabilities to BCL.

Attachment shows his work in progress.

Coming soon...!!!

Glad the re-install worked.

Sorry to hear about the wheels issue.

>do it via the control panel AND delete the folder "Bencutlaser" on my c-drive ?


No registry work needed.

Windows 64 bit is fine for BCL.

You need to completely uninstall BCL on your work PC and install it again.

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:49:27 AM »
Thanks Han. The G2/G3 commands are standard for Grbl and for Marlin. I think the problem I'm having is that I can't get multiple lines of G2/G3 to work. BCL draws Circles using 4 Arcs as some Grbl code doesn't well support drawing a full circle with one line of g-code and Grbl doesn't support the Radius method at all (although Marlin does).

I'm thinking once I can get multiple lines to work, the G2/G3 problems I am seeing will go away.

2) I don't know how to calibrate the laser with respect to finding a "home" position of the laserhead, while not burning the table or whatever else is placed underneath it at the time.

Answer: With no limit switches (same with my own laser machine) there is no Home position. It's where the laser head is when you turn on power. Do not manually push the head to where you want it before turning on'll run the risk of burning out parts on your controller board as when you do that, you turn the stepper motors into generators and send current back to the controller board.

Turn on power and then just jog to where you want the laser head. Then click the ReSetHome link. This will 'set' this as the Home position until the next time you use your laser machine.

4) I see that there's a "Weak Focus Beam OFF" button under the tab called "Laser Tool Parameters" in BCL. Does that turn the laser on (with the power level indicated straight above it I assume ?) in order to align it with whatever you're planning to engrave, cut, burn ?

Answer: Yes that is correct. However, I wouldn't use it for that. If you want to check laser head alignment, click the PosCheck link or press the short cut key 'b' (for Beam) and that will turn on the beam briefly so you can check where your laser head is. Obviously make sure your safety goggles are ON.

6) I have found the trouble shoot page for BCL, and I believe I will be able to flash the right FW into my machine and connect it via USB etc. and get a response.

Answer: Just follow the instructions you see inside BCL on the Setup tab and it will successfully flash for you. Since you're not using T2, I'd recommend flashing with Grbl 0.9i.

BenCutLaser / Re: Gcode layout change when sent to laser (OPEN)
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:12:24 AM »

BenCutLaser / Re: BCL translate on Italian language
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:11:55 AM »
Thank you Gabriele...!!!

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:30:53 PM »
Yes...great progress was made today.

The G2/G3 g-code commands not working is the most serious issue to trouble shoot. Followed by the G20/G21 not working.

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 26, 2017, 04:20:20 PM »
OK time for another update.

1. Simon on the makeBlock forum gave me a link to the Marlin 1.1.0 RC-8 branch that has the 'flipped axis' modification.

2. I loaded the Marlin.ino file into my Ardunio IDE and complied the firmware files and successfully built the .hex file!! Big milestone completed here!

3. BCL couldn't flash it but I was able to use XLoader to successfully flash the bootloader version of the .hex file. I'll debug the BCL flashing issue later.

4. BCL was able to successfully connect to this new firmware and I confirmed the welcome message showing Marlin 1.1.0 RC-8. Another great milestone reached!

5. Doing some initial manual g-code testing I can move the laser head both ways in the X axis and both ways in the Y axis.

6. I can confirm the flipped axis is working as the 0,0 is now indeed in the lower left corner. A third great milestone to reach!

7. G2/G3 is working (no errors and not hanging) but is not working correctly. I will have to trouble shoot this one.

8. G21 (Inches) is not working.

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 26, 2017, 02:11:25 PM »
Thanks again Bill. So now we have their factory .hex files.

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 26, 2017, 10:15:25 AM »
I received a reply on the makeBlock forum from a member name Simon. He confirmed that I can use the Ardunio IDE to flash new Marlin firmware to the MegaPi.

I don't have the factory Marlin firmware, so once I flash new firmware to the MegaPi, I can't go back...but I don't think this is any loss at all since BCL won't currently work with that version. However, the impact to others who are using the laserBot may be bigger, as once you flash another firmware, you can't go back either and that means no more usage of mLaser. If laserBot answers my questions, maybe I can get their factory .hex file and then having that, one could flash back and forth and keep using mLaser if they wanted to.

I'm trying to get a link now to the 'flipped axis' branch of Marlin 1.1.0 RC-8. This should reset the 0,0 reference to the lower left corner and add support for G2/G3 as well as G20/G21 (units MM or Inches). I believe if this all works, we'll finally have some success!!

General Discussion / We may set a record today
« on: March 26, 2017, 09:04:09 AM »
We might set a record today...110 online so far today and 112 is the most ever in the past.

BenCutLaser / Re: cutting plywood
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:48:54 AM »
I buy Midwest Products 5305 Craft Plywood, 12 x 12 x 0.125 Inches (Pack of 6) on Amazon. It is 3mm thick and I can cut it with my 1.6 watt laser diode in about 10 passes. When I was using my 2.5 watt laser I think the passes to cut it was around 8 or so.

BenCutLaser / Re: Makeblock - LaserBot (OPEN)
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:30:53 AM »
Could this be a solution?


Hi Han,

Yes, this looks very promosing, not only in regards to new firmware but there is an option to flip the axis so 0,0 is in the lower left corner.

I'm going to make a post in that thread and introduce myself and tell them what I'm trying to do with BCL and laserBot.

Thanks again for finding this thread Han...!!!

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