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K40 Safety Modifications / K40 Laser Modification List
« on: November 09, 2017, 02:16:36 PM »
As requested, I've created this section to try and build up a list of the safety things you need to look at and modify (if necessary) to make a $400.00 K40 CO2 Laser machine safe to use.

Those mods will be contributed by the members of this forum. If you have a K40 and are not yet a registered member, this would be a good reason to register and post!

Thank you all...

General Discussion / Re: 40 watt $400 lasers
« on: November 09, 2017, 02:12:00 PM »
>Will you provide a link to the safety mods that should be conducted.

I don't have a K40...but there are LOTS of horror stories on YouTube and other places about the safety problems found on these inexpensive CO2 laser machines.

I think the best way to construct a list of the modifications one needs to do to their k40 machine is for me to create a k40 safety mods category. I'll create the first post and anyone who has a k40 or has an opinion on what to look for and check, etc. can just post in that section.

There are many here on the forum who have mentioned what needs to be done and I'm sure in no time, we'll have a comprehensive mod list.

UPDATE: Here is the new link:,2754.0.html

General Discussion / Re: 40 watt $400 lasers
« on: November 09, 2017, 07:31:22 AM »
Has anyone actually been able to make one of these work dependably without spending a lot more money and time on them? That is, do they work out of the box after mirror alignment, etc.

That is something you really don't want to do. Using a $400.00 K40 'out of the box' without doing safety modifications is extremely risky.

When you're in heaven looking down on your k40 machine, you will surely be saying 'it wasn't worth my life' to skip doing those safety mods and spending the extra money. Remember: those machines are using 110VAC, not 12VDC.

BenCutLaser / Re: BCL does not work with a millimeters (OPEN)
« on: November 08, 2017, 07:46:13 AM »
See attachment.

By far, the majority of support emails I receive on this topic are due to the units not being set correctly in the DXF file.

BTW, your lines are way outside of the normal laser working area because you didn't set your desired units correctly. You just need to do a little editing and fix up on your DXF file and you'll be good to go.

BenCutLaser / Re: BCL does not work with a millimeters
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:31:07 PM »
Please post your DXF file so I can have a look at it.

BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install (OPEN)
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:55:36 PM »
Paid license has been sent!

Thank you...

BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install (OPEN)
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:34:12 AM »
What is your email address? I don't know which email belongs to you. That's why I asked you to send me your ID Code again.

BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:03:05 PM »
Yes, please email me again and I will send you the Paid lic file.

Copy that into the BenCutLaser folder.

BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 07:18:18 PM »
I think there was a cache problem with my Dropbox account. I uploaded BCL 2.7b again and then downloaded it and installed it and it is showing 2.7b.

Please try the download link again and re-install.


BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 05:23:08 PM »
No, the lic file has nothing to do with what ver BCL is.

Send me your ID Code and I will send you a Paid lic file.

You need to be on ver 2.7

BenCutLaser / Re: Help with version 2.7b install
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:46:23 PM »
Yes, since I have not yet sent you your Paid lic file, just send me the correct ID Code for the PC you want to use BCL on.

BenCutLaser / Re: Error BencutLaser.LineObject (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:30:40 PM »
I think the step you are missing is the re-sequencing of the drawing objects? Are you moving them around in the listbox so they have the sequence flow correct? THEN you add the FC/IC/LC tags.

Select one drawing object and hold down the control key and move the up or down arrow key to move that drawing object to the correct position/sequence in the listbox.

Look at my attachment which shows the correct sequence. Look at the rectangle I drew around drawing objects.

The correct indexing sequence is this way:
Arc 000
Line 016
Line 010
Line 011
Line 012
Line 015
Line 014
Line 013
Line 018
Line 017

BTW, it sounds like you didn't set your laser cutting tool first which you should ALWAYS do. Do this before you get into your DXF files and toolpaths, etc. 22 passes is very wrong for your wood. This indicates you did not calibrate your laser tool for cutting yet. Don't get ahead of yourself...calibrate your laser tools first!

BenCutLaser / Re: Error BencutLaser.LineObject (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:21:03 AM »
Sooooo mow i have a new problem...... I get really crazy about that :-(.

You know the shapes i want to cut, i allready cutted out 5-6 from this shapes from the first attached .dxf.
Now i want to cut out another one, VLM wants to cut out this....... (second attachement).

I cant understand why this is happening especially with the knowing that it work before.............

In case of the mixed units thing :( i dont know how to change that in my SolideEdge is there another way to change that?

Could you please help me again?

Hmmm...I'm not sure why the VLM is not working for you.

See my attachment. No g-code errors, makes 22 passes.

Did you read the trouble shooting steps? There are many things to check to make sure you are setup correctly using BCL. Too many questions to ask you here, such as what firmware are you using, etc. Please check those trouble shooting tips and make sure your setup is OK.,861.msg9889.html#msg9889

BTW, I don't know how thick of wood you are cutting, but 22 passes sounds like too many. How did you arrive at 22 passes?

BenCutLaser / Re: Error BencutLaser.LineObject (OPEN)
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:59:29 AM »
Ahhhhh, i understand :-)
My goal was to send one job to the laser to see, if i could cut out severel peaces in a row to do other things in between.

Is this possible with your last solution? I mean is it possible that the five created Toolpathfiles run one after another without pushing a button?

If not, this is also okay but in this case a automatic operation would be perfect ;-)

Thank you very very much for your help, its good to see that i didnt do anything wrong exept my one big toolpath solution ;-).

Thank you Ralph

Yes, BCL will cut ALL of your parts in one laser job if you wish. For your 5 parts, it's a lot of work to set up each one of the 5 parts in one toolpath file, but yes, you can do that if you wish.

I know it is too late, but your parts should have been created using a Polyline. Much easier to work with than all those individual lines.

BenCutLaser / Re: Youtube video tutorial update (OPEN)
« on: November 04, 2017, 08:05:20 PM »

Here is the link to the RTF and PDF file engraving reference manuals:,613.0.html

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