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BenCutLaser / Re: 2.0 watt A5 Gray Scale Test Burn Problem (OPEN)
« on: February 06, 2018, 04:54:49 PM »
Yes, a lighter burn results in a faster speed.
You need more than 3000 then to get a lighter burn.
This is a test not be concerned with the dark spots at the end if these test burns.

Please download 3.1. Your version us out of date.

BenCutLaser / Re: 2.0 watt A5 Gray Scale Test Burn Problem (OPEN)
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:52:39 PM »
It looks like you did not establish your slow speed/light burn speed value.

I don't see a good light burn square. Therefore, your 16 square test pattern will not test burn correctly. So, the first thing you need to do is set a good light burn speed.

The next thing I noticed about your wood is that the surface is not hard and smooth. It looks to have an uneven surface and not a hard surface. You can use this wood but your burns will not be the same quality as a hard, smooth surface wood.

Also, do not use L/R direction. That is how your grain is running. You want to use either U/D or 45 degrees.

Set your light burn speed and let's see what that looks like.


BenCutLaser / Re: 2.0 watt A5 Gray Scale Test Burn Problem (OPEN)
« on: February 04, 2018, 06:00:56 PM »
Are focusing on one type of wood?

You mentioned 4 different wood types. Remember your laser tool must be configured for only one type of wood. You cannot be doing test burns on different types of wood with one laser tool.

I'd like to see a photo of your test pattern burn.

BenCutLaser / Re: 2.0 watt A5 Gray Scale Test Burn Problem (OPEN)
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:44:31 PM »
Can you post a photo of your test pattern burn?

BenCutLaser / Re: 2.0 watt A5 Gray Scale Test Burn Problem
« on: February 03, 2018, 03:32:37 PM »
Make sure you are connected to your laser machine and then select Nano 1.1e and click the link below the drop down list.

This will set the correct Grbl firmware values including acceleration. It will take a minute or so to complete.

>Bencutlaser recognizes all the lines correctly, but is not able to make a polyline of the separate lines and circles.

CAD programs do that. BCL is not a CAD program.

>Is there any way to automatically recognize the order of elements and set the correct orientation for them?

BCL has a batch feature where you can select all drawing objects and then tell it to set all the objects to the same orientation.

You still have to manually sequence your drawing objects. I don't know you would get software to do this automatically for you since you could have 20 polyline objects defining a target group, followed by 20 more polylines defining another target group, etc. How would software know to auto-sequence the first 20 objects only and not the next 20 objects?

From all of the dxf files users have sent me to look at in the past year, 5% of them were created in the correct sequence order. This means they had to manually re-sequence them once inside BCL.

I think the reason for this is that most users don't create their own dxf files. They download them from other websites and use them as is. BCL can 'fix' them and get them ready for g-code generation but I don't know (yet) how to make BCL figure out what toolpaths the user wants and do it automatically.

BenCutLaser / Re: How to save my toolpaths after burning? (OPEN)
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:24:19 AM »

BenCutLaser / Re: Lincence bencutlaser
« on: January 31, 2018, 09:22:00 AM »
I paid the bencutlaser license on January 26th with PayPal and I still have not received your link for the installation.
I hope my email address is not considered spam.
My main email address is or you can reach me with
My ID code is this :


Thank you in advance to help me 😟

Best regards


Paid license sent to you via email.

BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 30, 2018, 10:55:47 PM »

BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 30, 2018, 12:11:16 PM »
Any links to BCL that do not originate from this site are unauthorized. And only the latest version is supported.

BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:17:08 PM »
Hello there,

I purchased the license but there is no download working except version 1.7 from 3rd party. please provide the 2.9 version until 3.0 is released. Thanks.

1.7 should be pulled as that is extremely out of date and is not supported.

The lic file format is changing. I don't want to release 2.9 only to have to re-issue a new license file again. Please wait for 3.1.

Thank you for your patience.

BenCutLaser / Re: No memory (OPEN)
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:01:33 PM »
I'm currently working on a Windows/Linux version of BCL which will be 3.1.

I cannot support older versions as bugs have been fixed with each version update.

Please wait a few more days when I can get the 3.1 download link posted in my signature. Then post your problems and please give me the steps to reproduce them.


BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 27, 2018, 06:39:49 PM »
Yes, you can download any future versions free of charge.

I'm still working on the Windows/Linux version.

I hope to have a current release within the next day couple of days.

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