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General Discussion / Laser cutter group on Facebook
« on: May 26, 2017, 01:25:44 PM »

General Discussion / Problem with the forum
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:19:37 PM »
I can not upload a post with a jpeg picture and I've had the Forum disappear and an error code appear on separate occasions today.
Problems here or on the forum's end?

T2 Engraving / Importing G-code
« on: May 06, 2017, 06:49:24 PM »
Since the XP version of T2L does not do outlines, I would have to generate them on a Win10 computer and then save the G-code (which is not enabled in the evaluation version). But I don't see an import G-code file item.
Am I not looking in the correct location?

Cutting / Using the laser to emulate patterns
« on: April 25, 2017, 09:07:06 AM »
It is clear that the 2.5 watt laser will not cut some materials with good results. But it will mark them.

In some cases, like with cork gasket material that is bonded using rubber, it would be much faster to mark the material and then cut it out with scissors or a hobby knife.

The advantage is one does not need to first make a pattern, glue it to the material and then cut.

Engraving / Marking toast
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:21:18 PM »
Anyone thought of putting a nice graphic on toast?

You built me a version of T2L that would work under Windows XP. I am still trying the demo out and recently attempted to trace an outline only to be told it is not available under XP. Is this because of the .net issue?

Cutting / Got the laser to cut heavy gasket material
« on: April 21, 2017, 06:43:24 PM »
I have a fairly unusual use for the laser cutter as I want to cut out complex gaskets for operating model engines.
With the mystery of the low power laser solved (GRBL1.1e was somehow screwed up) I was ready to make this test.
The first material was plain old cardboard, the second, 1/32" rubber/fiber sheet and the third was 3/64 rubber fiber sheet.
Cardboard cuts easily with 10 passes at 50% power.
The rubber/fiber sheets were cut at 100% power. The 1/32" sheet cut with 30 passes at a speed of 10. The 3/64" sheet, being somewhat more reflective and thicker required 30 passes at a speed of 10 for the small holes and an additional 10 passes at 100% power, speed of 10 for the inner and outer circles.

It appears to me that the smaller circles retain enough heat that the next pass of the laser continues to elevate the material temperature and they cut with fewer passes. I don't think they really needed 30 passes in the gasket material. The larger circles have plenty of time to cool off between passes and require the extra passes to complete the cut.

Anyway, the laser does exactly what I purchased it for. Now I can go play with other uses like burning pictures and making lace.

I've sent you a filled in problem report and picture of the problem twice now. I continue to get your apparently default response which is to demand the information I've already sent you. I assume something is broken on your end.

So here is the problem report and image:

Thank you for taking the time to download this technical support form.

Using this form will help me to help you in the most efficient and faster way possible!

Please answer the questions below and then email this form file as an attachment to:

1. Have you reviewed the BCL 'Trouble Shooting Tips' on the site:,861.0.html
[ ]No

2. BCL version:1.8.4a

3. What is your Windows OS:
  • WinXP

[ ]Win7
[ ]Win8
[ ]Win10

4. What drive did you install BCL on:
  • C

[ ]D
[ ]E
[ ]?

5. What language .csv file are you using:
  • default en-US

[ ]de-DE
[ ]en-GB
[ ]es-ES
[ ]fr-FR
[ ]nl-NL
[ ]pl=PL
[ ]ru-RU
[ ]sv-SE

6. Is the power On button on your controler board depressed to the On position? (Yes some users have had this power button off and they were wondering why their stepper motors don't work).
  • Yes

[ ]No

7. Do you get the 'Welcome Message' when you connect BCL to your laser machine?
  • Yes

[ ]No

The Welcome Message is the last line of the connection string: Grbl 0.9i ['$' for help]

BenCutLaser (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved
Developed by Ralph Freshour and Paul Henty
Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud
Grbl 0.9i ['$' for help]

8. If this is a .dxf file related problem have you made sure you set your Units of Measurement in your CAD program?
[ ]Yes
[ ]No

9. What kind of controller board do you have? Mana SE

10. Tell me exactly what is wrong so I can try to reproduce it.

Frequently, almost always, when the laser moves into position to make a new cut, the first part of the path is not marked because while the laser comes on, it does not come on to the set power level. This happens if I use the BCL test shapes or if I generate G-Code from a DXF I have made in my CAD software (Geomagic Design, a 3D package).

I tried switching to GRBL .9 to see if the 1.1e laser soft start feature might be causing the problem. There was no change, it still exhibited the low-power startup.

Today Zac suggested that I try T2L to turn on the laser at 100% and observe if it comes fully on. It does. Then, since I had a G-Code file of a small gasket that was made in BCL, I loaded it in T2L and ran it. It ran perfectly with no low-power line startup issue. The gasket file has 7 distinct continuous shapes, all circles.

I think this means BCL is generating good G-Code and there is something else in play.

The laptop computer with which I am driving the laser (Elekslaser A3 2.5 watt) is an old and slow IBM running XP. I did try enabling the slow computer choice in BCL but could not tell any difference in laser power action.

I started using BCL with an older version which gave me no problems. The oldest version I have is 1.8.3a. Should I install it and see what happens?

Problem Description:

Steps to recreate the problem:
1.Attempt to mark/cut any shape.

BenCutLaser / GRBL 1.1 f -Supported? (RESOLVED)
« on: April 19, 2017, 04:40:51 PM »
Just curious if 1.1f will work with BCL.

EleksMaker / Why are you not participating
« on: April 15, 2017, 06:47:17 PM »
If I were a manufacturer's representative on a forum, I would be engaging in discussions where your customers are having problems. Or are you even logging on to the forum?

Trouble Shooting / Laser randomly lowering power (OPEN)
« on: April 14, 2017, 03:59:28 PM »
When I try to cut any shape with the A3 ElksLaser 2.5 watt, I get mostly complete cut lines but frequently there are times when the lines are incomplete. The lack of laser power seems to occur at the start of a cut. The laser comes on but at low power. I can see the laser power increase and it starts cutting and does not stop until it completes the movement and shuts the laser off. This does not happen on all cuts as you can see by the attached picture. What I observe is the laser carriage makes all the correct moves but the laser can been seen to start at low power at the start of a pass for a short but random time and there is no cutting of the test object (typewriter paper) during that period.This phenomenon occurs whether I am running a project from a DXF I made or if I am running a BCL test shape. While I've been trying to chase the problem down, the most recent phenomenon is is that it would loose communications. That may have been a computer problem. A restart seemed to take care of it.

I'm running BCL 1.8.4a software with GRBL 1.1e firmware. The source computer is an old IBM Centrino laptop running XP. This combination, with the exception of BCL 1.8.4a has worked well before. The same problem displayed itself earlier today with an earlier version of BCL software so I assume it is not the latest rev software that brought on the problem.

I have checked that the connectors are seated. I replaced the USB cable with a known good one with no cure.

Any ideas?

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