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T2 Engraving / 1.1g
« on: April 12, 2016, 07:25:24 PM »
Zax,  the last couple of tests I have downloaded the newer T2 software I.have to uni stall the previous version using control panel, is that normal?

Also, do I need to load any additional firmware? The Nano should still have the same settings right?

A first burn using text, I added the word BETHEL and the bots of the E didn't have a complete outline.  First try, might be setting I  am doing.

Projects / T2 Test Burn Project
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:32:42 AM »
So I posted this data elsewhere but wanted to put it in here to show differences in the software settings.

I ran 28 burns yesterday with various settings and compiled the results in a PDF document that is 6 pages long, that has to be split into 2 separate file in order to attach. With that said, I am attaching the file I used (Box and Cubes - Shaded) and data file 1 of 2 to this post with file 2 of 2 going on the next post.

Let me know if there are questions or requests for certain settings.

Data File 1 of 2

Other Software / T2 Questions
« on: April 06, 2016, 05:51:47 PM »
So I have started trying to work on some projects, the first being a circle with different shades of gray and a portion of white.   for some reason they all looked the same, whether I used black and white, dither, or grayscale.

General Discussion / Terminology and Definitions
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:28:26 AM »
I get a little confused on some basic terminology and figured it would be good to have a common understanding: 

Updated March 31 @ 10:17

  • Arduino - the organization that produces the official hardware (not the laser controller board)
  • Arduino IDE - the software used to program the Arduino hardware
  • Arduino Nano - one of the Arduino products (which uses an ATmega328P microcontroller)
  • Bootloader - a small program on the Arduino Nano which allows the Arduino IDE to load sketches (programs). It is not required.
  • CAD - Computer-Aided Design. CAD software for mechanical design to depict the objects of traditional drafting. There is 2D and 3D design CAD software available. CAD is used to make your drawings and is the first step in the production run
  • CAM - Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CAM is the use of software to control machine tools (such as laser machines, 3D printers, Milling and Lathe machines) in the manufacturing of parts. It is the second step in the production run
  • Controller Board - the laser control board made by Elek Maker that houses the drivers, Nano and other circuits (see diagram)
  • Firmware - the compiled software that is loaded to the Arduino Nano (the same as the hex file)
  • Flashing - means installing/loading the hex file into the Nano microprocessor chip
  • GCode - a language used for CNC machines (the instructions sent to Grbl that control the machine)
  • GRBL - the software that runs on the Arduino Nano to run the laser
  • .hex - the compiled software that can be loaded on the Nano
  • Nano - see Arduino Nano above
  • PWM - Pulse Width Modulation (a method to get varying power from a laser diode, by quickly switching it on/off)
  • Serial Terminal - A program which allows you to send/receive data to the serial port (eg. HyperTerminal, Termite, RealTerm, Grbl Controller ...etc)
  • Sketches - Arduino IDE calls programs you write, sketches. These are compiled and uploaded to the Nano. Grbl is a sketch, although a complex one and can be edited and uploaded using the Arduino IDE, or compiled to a .hex and loaded using AVRDude (or XLoader which is an interface to it).
  • FTDI - Future Technology Devices International, commonly known by its abbreviation FTDI, is a Scottish privately held semiconductor device company, specializing in Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. It develops, manufactures, and supports devices and their related software drivers for converting RS-232 or TTL serial transmissions to USB signals.

Please post if there is anything else that needs explaining.

Trouble Shooting / (Solved) Laser will not shut off
« on: March 18, 2016, 06:57:24 PM »
I don't know what I did, but the laser is on and will not turn off.  I have tried pulling the circuit boards, and removing the power and reloading the firmware, but to no avail.  I know there must be some sort of short I can do to shut it down, but have no idea where to go.

This is on an Arduino Nano board


General Discussion / Hello - New User
« on: March 15, 2016, 03:35:59 AM »
Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself as I know I will be asking for assistance and trying to give help as much as I can.  I purchased a 2.5W laser from Gearbest][url][/url]

I am trying to get it put together based off of photos from their website, but I am definitely having a go at taking it apart because I should have put my stop blocks on first, or the crossmembers, etc...... I am tempted to put together an assembly thread, not sure how well that would work as they are all different.

Anyways, there is a controller software on their website that I am downloading now.  It is called Eleks Laser.rar not quite sure how I am going to open it on my MAC, but may end up having a go at it on my desktop.  Ultimately I want to find a cheap laptop to act as a permanent controller.

Thanks for reading


Bought this back in Feb, just came in today, assembly instructions.  Anyone have a good idea of where to start?



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