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About 2.5inches or slightly larger so it can be placed over a lightbulb.

As for learning myself....yes, I would like that, but I am barely able to load a file.   I need to watch the tutorials and the tutorials on the tutorials which show where the original tutorials have errors.

sorry. no luck. i imported that file into Fusion 360 but my old crappy computer cannot handle the sheer size of that file. I can't do anything with it.
Trouble Shooting / Re: Image fades
« Last post by charljef on Today at 04:28:20 PM »
  I looked in the laser control window under Settings - Advanced menu  and could not find anything that looks like Calibrate Distance.  Could it be because I am still trying the test version?
T2 Engraving / Re: Prevent fading by inserting cool down pauses
« Last post by ggallant571 on Today at 04:05:03 PM »
What speed & acceleration are you using? I suspect if the speed is high and the acceleration is low you will get something that looks like fading depending on the burn pattern. As you start a line the speed will be slow but eventually the acceleration profile will bring the head up to operational speed. There is also the G0 vs G1 speeds. If you get up to a high G0 speed while traversing a non-burn area it will take some time to slow down.

Do you get this behavior with "standard" test patterns?
How long does your machine take to traverse a square of 500x500mm at speeds of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 3600 mm/min?
T2 Engraving / Re: Thanks Zax
« Last post by ivanlc on Today at 12:24:49 PM »
... Just remembered what I did to sort the hatching problem; Path->Simplify...(!)

T2 Engraving / Re: Thanks Zax
« Last post by ivanlc on Today at 10:28:23 AM »

Cheers, Zax. Coming from one as accomplished as yeself, that means a lot! ;D

I was bloody impressed myself when I had the idea; the first box I put together had the torch (ahem; flashlight; forgot USians call them that! :o) fixed, which wasn't so great when the head moved to the opposite end, so I started thinking of a solution for mk II... ;D

After thinking about various OTT ideas to enable some kinda rotational lighting, the toilet (and then the sink) plunger idea hit me and lo and behold, Screwfix (or Toolstation; don't recall which) sold 'em. Et voila! Perfection.

Put a retractable flap on the front end of the enclosure, too, as I burn a lot of things with handles, so at least they can protrude without closing the lid disturbing the orientation of whatever I'm burning (or me blinding myself as the rays seep out)...(!)

The other thing I did was spray some borax solution on the inside of the enclosure to make it fire retardant, in case the head ever gets stuck mid-burn, which could cause... issues... :-\  (And on that note, I'm also going to attach a sheet of metal to the bottom of the enclosure so that if the worst ever happens and it does get stuck, I don't burn through my table...!! A guy on YouTube mentioned it in his on T2 tutorial; your work is quite famous, my man... ;))

Re: the hatch; could well have been the unclosed path, but I rescaled (I think; memory worse than usual as not slept since yesterday) and all was well, so I actually forgot about it...! :-[
T2 Engraving / Re: Thanks Zax
« Last post by Zax on Today at 09:40:07 AM »
The torch (flashlight to Americans) in a rubber sink plunger is genius!

Regarding the hatch, likely the paths are not closed.
BenCutLaser / Re: BCL program hangs (OPEN)
« Last post by Administrator on Today at 08:25:15 AM »
Back to my problem.
Of course, "sleep" is off, cutting in two turns is a good idea.
In truth, this material is a Finnish 6-layer airplane quality plywood
I have an EleksMaker 3.5 W laser diode.

What is the problem?

BTW that second photo attachment you posted: your rounded rectangle test shape burn line looks very 'fat'. I would say you still do not have your laser beam focused correctly. If your problem is that you cannot cut this wood, that is the reason.

>I started cutting, estimated time 2 h 50 min

Started cutting what? Are you using a dxf file?

I'm really having a hard time understanding what problem you are trying to solve?

Please follow these steps and report back:,1128.0.html
T2 Engraving / Re: Prevent fading by inserting cool down pauses
« Last post by rpt007 on Today at 07:04:44 AM »
Thanks Zax for the fast reply.

I had a fade out today. Mechanical issues are excluded as my machine can be moved smoothly in all axis.
Was the first time that I had something to engrave which took around one hour. The fading began after 15-20min or so.

Currently I am suspecting the Chinese 12V/2.5A power supply. I am waiting for a quality power supply 12V/5A, not made in China ...
If that doesn't help I will excange the currently mounted 1.6W laser which has a built-in laser driver with my 2.3W laser that arrived last week.

Then I will make some tests with the 1.6W device as the second failure source might be the loose hanging driver inside of the laser unit - might be that this cheap baby needs some cooling too. Let's see what happens.
T2 Engraving / Laser Enclosures (Orig. thread; "Re: Thanks Zax")
« Last post by ivanlc on Today at 06:24:19 AM »
Howdi all.

Was looking for posts related to why - in T2, when I output perspectivised (that actually a word?) vector text from Inkscape, a couple of letters aren't hatched, but the rest are (will get back to that) - when I came across Zax's photo of the enclosure he was making in December.

Looked so much the two I made last year (mkI & the improved mkII), I thought I'd chuck in my own 2 cents' worth..  ;)

Dunno what's happened to the other photos I took; lost in the cloud miasma, I guess, but the one attached shows enough.

It's the second one I built, as needed more clearance space for the engraver's cabling (which kept catching as the head moved about 1st time round). Plus I added a nifty feature of a torch glued to a rubber sink plunger which you can use to point light around the enclosure during a burn to check progress as the head moves around.

I also velcroed the laser window to Enclosure mk II, since I spent ages ripping it out of the mkI box; figured if I needed to switch boxes again, it'd just be case of re-ttaching some velcro...

It also has a couple of lid stays on either side which I added after the photo was taken, but it's working really well. And as I say, the torch is a damned useful addition... ;D

(... Course, if I had sufficient impetus/electrical know-how, I'd have made it a mains powered torch instead of battery...!!  ;D)
CAD Software / Re: Fusion360 Workflow
« Last post by archangel on Today at 04:23:16 AM »
Thanks both

Will have a look at the alternatives mentioned. I had a quick play with some other CAD programs, but found Fusion 360 the easiest to get to grips with for me!
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