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RobotLaser Updates (Beta 0.5.2)
« on: November 19, 2016, 06:09:17 AM »
Release 0.5.2 is available.

This closes the 0.5.2 development cycle; the next will be 0.6.0

News are:

Ellipses support in DXF Import
There is still a small bug on Mirroring (Flip) of the ellipse arcs, which are treated as rotated instead of mirrored (it's a subtle difference that involve the tracking direction)

At the moment I do not think of developing more in DXF, unless specifically requested.
I do not expect to support Text and Blocks.

MARLIN firmware support

using this option Laser can be installed instead of the extruder in a 3D printer
and use the structure as a laser engraver.
The laser must be connected in place of the filament cooling fan (D10 I suppose).

Z-axis managementis is available as "Focus."... a value of 0 inhibits the function.

I tested with 3DRag printers with dedicated card and with PRUSA 3 with Arduino Uno and RAMPS 1.4

Theoretically it should work on any 3D printer firmware, but I could not test it.

The laser modulation command is no longer M03 Sxxx but M106 Sxxx (0-255).
In the case of firmware "RepRap" the command is M106 Sy.y (0.0-1.0), selectable from configuration.
A out of standard baud rate of 250000 bps  was added because is native for Marlin firmware and derivatives.

Some users said me that are building an engraver using the hardware RAMPS.

If the purpose is to use the same hardware for even a 3DPrinter it's OK !!!

If the machine will only be laser engraver, I do not recommend this approach,
because Marlin and RAMPS are optimized for other purposes.
A normal Arduino with V2 or V3 CNC shield performs better.
Arduino 2 would be the top, but I dont know CNC Shield for Arduino 2

however a MOSFET (or a high speed SSR) will be needed to drive the laser.


Better management of Dirthering function.

The Dirthering function is born from newspapers printing, which once did not have greyscale.
In RobotLaser remains, for those who use it with GRBLv 8.0, without PWM.

In other cases the result of the gray scale is better that Dirthering.
Look at photos, the tests were performed on wrapping paper,
to show how the texture of support, sometimes, makes useless many niceties.


On the download page (
you can find the stable version, which includes all parts necessary for the functioning-
On the SnapShot area, there are the versions under development.

Typically they have better performance and or functions, but they are not fully tested.
In the snapshot there is just the executable RobotLaser.exe, to replace the one of the stable release
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Re: RobotLaser Updates (Beta 0.5.2)
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2016, 07:23:11 AM »
I understand the issues with DXF ellipses and rotation/flip, lost some hair on that one.

You should look at the latest Grbl 1.1d (laser constant power) or use over-scan to prevent the burning at beginning and end of lines.


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Re: RobotLaser Updates (Beta 0.5.2)
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2016, 08:40:49 AM »


Not so easy to work with elliptic arcs.
I thought of using the same functions of the circle arcs, but is not the same.

I missed the presentation of GRBL 1.1 (and is of mid-October  :-[ )
If I can, I'll study it during the w.e.
In any case, to avoid burning the edges, I have a overscan function that adds
a white edge, of programmable size, to the extremities.

Unfortunately during this period I have very little free time,
and I have dedicated to the firmware Marlin.
So... manual has been out of date.
For example, I introduced the possibility of an interlock between power and speed, but it is not yet documented.
I also found (but it was easy) how to reset the internal coordinates of grbl
so do not lose more the position during emergency stop.

Have a nice weekend

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