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Technical Support Help -- Please Read
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:52:22 AM »
Please help me to help you!

Rather than emailing me and saying "BCL doesn't work" and letting me guess at what the problem is, please provide me with the information below. While some of it may seem obvious to YOU, it isn't obvious to ME when I am working with multiple users. Providing me with the information below will save a lot of back and forth questions when I have to ask you for the information.

Please provide me with the answers to these questions:

1. Have you reviewed the BCL 'Trouble Shooting Tips' on the site:,861.0.html

2. BCL version. I must know what version you are on.

3. What is your OS? Win7? Win10? Mac VM?

4. What drive did you install BCL on? C? D? E?

5. If you are using a .csv language file other than en-US I NEED TO KNOW that please! Don't assume just because you are working with nl-NL that I know that...I don't unless you tell me.

6. Not all popup dialog windows are errors. Many are informational or just warnings. Many users email me to report an Error Dialog window they get when they load a .dxf file: 'Some parts of the drawing are in the negative drawing space'. This is a warning that you might want to use your CAD program and move your drawing up and/or to the right, to get it back into positive drawing space. This is not an error window.

7. Please check for the Welcome Message when you connect BCL to your laser machine. I will say this for the 100th time: if you don't see the welcome message you cannot do anything else with don't try...without a welcome message, any further errors you report are welcome message means BCL does NOT have a valid connection to the laser machine so all you can do is disconnect and try again until you do get a welcome message. Most of the time, you forgot to select the correct port your laser machine is connected to.

The Welcome Message is the last line of the connection string: Grbl 0.9i ['$' for help]

BenCutLaser (c) 2016-2017 All Rights Reserved
Developed by Ralph Freshour and Paul Henty

Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud

Grbl 0.9i ['$' for help]

8. What kind of controller board do you have?

9. What version of Grbl are you running on your controller board? 0.9i? 0.9j? 1.1e?

10. Did YOU flash your Grbl firmware into your controller board?

11. If your issue has to do with a DXF file:

--Have you made sure you set your Units of Measurement in your CAD program?
--Did you do a Save As and save your DXF file into a newer DXF format that is newer than year 2000? (BCL won't load DXF files that are year 2000 or older).
--Did you create the DXF file yourself or did you source it from someone else?

12. Tell me exactly what is wrong so I can try to reproduce it. The key word here is reproduce it. I don't have much of a chance to fix something that is working on my system. So I need to be able to reproduce the problem you are having.

It's like going to the doctor and saying "I don't feel good can you give me a pill"? That won't work and saying to me "BCL doesn't work can you fix it" won't work either. I need details please.

Thank you.
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