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GRBL 1.1 is now supported !!
« on: March 01, 2017, 01:07:02 AM »
Goodmorning everyone.
RobotLaser version  1.0.1 is online !! (
The major update of version 1.0.1 is the support to grbl 1.1.
The new version of grbl has some fundamental options!
The most interesting are:
1: LaseMode
2: Dynamic Power
3: Power Scale.
4: Jogging

In laser mode, motion is no longer stopped at any power variation
(Previously was interrupted to wait on the spindle
reached the set point, but with the Laser is immediate)

But the most important thing for our applications is the dynamic mode.
I.e. the laser power is modulated according to the speed.
This is very important at the edges of the image, when the carriage
decelerating and then accelerating it again in the opposite direction.
With static power mode this caused an increase in the "burn" on the edges,
for this reason RobotLaser has the option to add a white border of some mm
around the image, which in a Dynamic Mode is no longer necessary.

NOTE: compared to the static power mode will be necessary to increase the
laser power or reduce speed. I'm still experimenting on what.
The Dynamic Power option can be switched on and off by configuration (tab Various)
OR with the new button on the main toolbar at the top.

The remaining two options have not yet been implemented.
The Power Scale allows you to set the power to the desired scale, instead of 0-255.
In any case, however, it is only a fictitious thing,
because it is always transformed back into 0-255 within grbl (the pwn works in 8 bits)
At the moment, on RobotLaser is FIXED to 255, it will be made variable in next releases.
The jog mode implementation will be covered in next releases.
(Stops immediately each movement to release the jog button).

Finally, in the 1.1 version of grbl it has also improved the data streaming,
I noticed a discrete reduction of transmission errors.
Unfortunately, the chips used on Arduino Nano does not allow to do much.

After starting RobotLaser_1.0.1
* open config-> firmware.
* Select the version 1.1f grbl
* Select them the type of card (normally Duemilanove / Nano / ATmega328)
* press [Flash] and wait for firmware to be written.
* Remember to set the Version field to "1.1"
* Test the installation with Serial tab -> [Test], the answer should be "grbl 1.1f ['$' for help]"
* Close Config, connect equipment and reopen config
* On the Parameters page, set the parameter $30 (Max Spindle) to 255, press [Save Parameters]
  Personally I strongly suggest, after flashing firmware, you press [Default] and then [Save Parameters]
  to be sure that the grbl setup is compatible with RobotLaser.
* In the tab Various, set Laser Mode and Dynamic Power at will (both ON is my advice)
* close Config

The maximum power (Max Spindle) can also be set from the "Manual" page by sending the command $30=255

I REPEAT, IS IMPORTANT The setting $30=255

The version 1.1f default in 1000 and we would find us to have a laser with 1/4 power.

For further information and help please write to and I will answer as quickly as possible.

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