Author Topic: Blue or Red? Any difference?  (Read 1236 times)


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Blue or Red? Any difference?
« on: March 08, 2017, 01:02:03 AM »
My new Delta Electronics 5A Power Adapter just arrived and instead of EleksMaker L7 board (ordered as spare), they've sent me new EleksMaker Mana SE board, but guess what - it's RED!

It has small number in right bottom corner of front side.
And there is no "" on back side.

I think it has to be V1.3 mentioned here:丨-full-automactic-upgrade-and-set-param-software-download-instruction

Please Attention - The Following Controller  Support This SoftWare
Supported Controller:

EleksMaker Mana SE Controller  (V1.3/V2.1 Default Is V2.1 With No Version String On It)
EleksMaker Mana Controller  (V2.1)
EleksMaker L7 Controller  (For this Controller Model , you need follow this instruction to Upgrade)

I cant see any other differences.
I am gonna keep it sealed for 30 years and then put it on eBay  ;D
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