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« on: April 09, 2017, 01:54:24 AM »
At the risk of being boring .....  :P
I repeat the instructions to install and REGISTER Your RobotLaser copy.

Foreword ... just for example.
A hypothetic user(we can call it, for example, Mark J.R.) decide to purchase a License
it made the donation through PayPal
and then has sat waiting to be able to use the software ..........
Not receiving the code, I send the instructions to generate it ....
and Mr. Mark.j.R open a dispute for non-delivery.
If I do not receive the identification code
I CAN NOT SEND the validation code.
Alternatively is possible to buy the Enterprise version
(at cost of 2,000.00) which allows to receive a program to validate on their own
up to 100 copies of RobotLaser for life.

* Download the package
* Unzip the package on the favorite hard disk or USB Stick.
* Start program RobotLaser.exe
* Press registration
* Complete the form with true and functioning email
* Press generates code
* Press Send by email

You will receive the activation code within 48 hours MAX (usually a few hours)

If you don't have Outlook or Outlook Express automatic generation of email may fail.
So send a email to (not other addresses)
with "Installation Code for application RobotLaser (V.1.x)" as subject
and the installation code (ALL caracters please) in the body.
Some message will be welcome, but not mandatory.
If you send e-mail to the address indicated , namely:
I receive a email and i can reply
if you send email to (for example) mylaser@some-address.something.....
I DO NOT receive and I CAN'T answer !!!!!!


Many people asked me what is the best support for RobotLaser;

Normally a USB stick is the simplest choice.
Easy to move and compatible with all PCs.

The size can also be very small (RobotLaser takes 4-5 Mb at the moment, certainly less than 10Mb in the future)

Many people use the key also to keep images and drawings.
You can use a 2 - 4 GB stick that is very cheap, and can contain lots of drawings.
If you plan to use very complex drawings you may also use a larger one,
but remember that with a 0.2 mm resolution a 100x150 mm engraver requires a 500 x 750 pixel image
that (in grayscale) occupies about 1-2 Mb.
It makes no sense to use images with much higher resolution (you can, of course, but the result does not improve)

The important thing is that the key is reliable,
if it breaks, the license dies with the stick.
While if it gets corrupted, it's not a problem you can ever reformat and reinstall in the same stick with the same license.

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