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Red glasses
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:43:45 PM »
I have a pair of these arrived this morning and just got to try them out a little. If link dies .. they are red goggles with identical manufacturing to our green goggles.

I think they might be up in the OD4 range at our wavelength, the spot on low power mode is JUST visible, not a great deal brighter than using my arc welding googles.
Since I was looking at a reflection off of something I was not sure it was even the wavelength I was seeing or some other frequency, so I experimented further and pulsed the beam at different powers with the goggles between the laser and a piece of white paper.
At a power of 100, the dot is just visible on the paper, at low power mode nothing at all gets through so it was not the laser wavelength I was seeing reflected at all.
So that is one he** of a reduction.

I think these are safe to use..

edit: during the above tests I was wearing the green goggles, I have since redone the tests onto paper with the naked eye (carefully !)
A laser power of 40 does get a visible spot through the goggles, it also gets through the filter from my arc welding goggles though.

I honestly think these things are like OD6+ at 445nm.

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