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here is a running list of good 3d printable parts.

Wheel adjusters  (white pom pom wheels)  (spacers)  (eccentric spacer)  (Delrin Dual V wheels) (added 01/23/18)

belt tensioners

Air Assist (added 11/9/2017)

Legs and leg extenders

Cable management (drag chain adapter) (added 01/23/18) (added 11/9/2017) (added 11/9/2017)

Laser focus tools

Rotary Mods (added 11/9/2017)

Laser Diode Driver Mount (added 11/9/2017)

Raspberry Pi mount for v slot (added 11/9/2017)

Home Switch holders (added 11/9/2017) (added 11/9/2017)

Belt Tensioners (added 11/9/2017) (added 11/9/2017)

Z Axis (added 11/9/2017) (added 11/9/2017)

ACRO openbuilds leg extensions (added 11/9/2017)

Replacement Parts
Eleksmaker A5 arcylic plates (added 11/9/2017)

Mana SE board mounts (added 01/23/2018) (added 01/23/2018)

laser Mounts (added 11/9/2017) (added 11/9/2017)

Openbuild acrylic plates (added 11/9/2017)

Feel free to add and I'll modify the list as new stuff comes to my attention or is designed.

very nice list!!!!

Agreed. Really helpful, thank you.

added someones rotary design ;)

nice list...
should this not be in the stl section?? just a thought!!


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