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How hot do stepper motors get?

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On my rotary machine I have two motors on the y axis, the axis I use to rotate the work piece. The x axis, which drives the ball screw to move the laser back and forth has one motor. The two rotational motors get warm but the x axis motor gets too hot to touch. Is this normal and/or acceptable? If not, I think I have two options, get a beefier stepper motor or invest in a 3 axis mana se and put two motors on the ball screw as well. I want to keep two motors for the rotation because eventually I'll be turning some larger work. Any thoughts or suggestions or do I just not need to be concerned?


You may want to verify that they have the proper current limiting. On the controller cards are plug in stepper motor driver boards. Typically called A4988 (or something like that I am away). Each has a small adjustment pot. You measure from the case of the pot to ground. I recall the ideal setting for a single motor being around 0.5V and 1.0V for two. You should not rely upon the factory setting as they do not know your motor.

Lacking a multimeter to measure you might be able to slowly turn counter-wise and test until the motor does not turn. Then go a little clock-wise.

There is a write-up on this site plus Google.

They shouldn't be too hot to touch, I agree the current is probably too high.

Thanks for the replies, I will check the voltage.


Okay, according to my meter the pot is set at .49V, is it possible I'm just working the motor too hard? I can actually touch the motor when it's working but I remove it pretty quickly.



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