Author Topic: Are any of you with a licensed copy using T2 to send G Code from outside T2?  (Read 1337 times)


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I have the trial version which doesn't allow me to send my own G Code.  Most of the uses I have envisioned my laser engraver for aren't suited well to using image formats to do the layout.  I was getting good results using Inkscape to do the layout and the Gcodetools extension to export it to Gcode then sending it through Universal G Code Sender except I was on Grbl 0.8 and burning through thick cardboard so I flashed Grbl 0.9 and am having trouble with UGCS since.  T2 still seems to be running like a champ and the ability to use pwm to pulse the laser seems to be exactly what I need to engrave certain materials instead of cutting through them.  However, I can only test using images which, while fun, isn't my intended use.  I liked the results I was getting with UGCS but it doesn't seem to have that built in laser intensity control and I kept running into situations where I had to pause or stop the job because something went wrong but it left the laser on and I had to fire up T2 and use the emergency stop or run across the room and hit the power switch. (no space next to computer for engraver)

I like the added functionality that T2 has such as the added laser control like pulsing and overriding the laser intensity and the emergency stop, and have been considering spending the money on a license but since I can't actually test any of my G Code, is there anyone here who has been using it to send their own G Code instead of using it to convert images to g code?  What has your experience been like?  I'm asking people who have created g code using other programs and import it into T2 to do the sending.


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You can import DXF from Inkscape to T2Laser (including the trial) or use the Sketch feature.

If you want to generate G-Code and send it to me I will test it.