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Re: Thermal measurement fixture
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2018, 12:42:34 PM »
I had some time to play today looking to see what idea's might work. I was using my big machine because that was setup. Using the dohicky and slate I hooked the thermocoupe to a digital thermometer that I have, but I also have a DVM what will give temperature using a K type thermocouple.

* I pulled the lens off so the beam would not be in focus.

* Then I used my Mahoney meter to see what the power was coming outof the head, and measured 42W at 35% power.

* Next up was to use the dohicky device that I got from Russ. Using his 1/1 scale I got a 42deg temp rise which equates to 42W. This is 35% power for 41 Seconds of laser on. It's nice that the two devices agree.

* Then last I took the slate that I glued the K type thermocouple to and ran the same 41 seconds at 35% power and got a 50.8 degree temp rise. So the slate had a bigger temp rise than the aluminum disk - so I think this has potential.

* next I will try this with the diode laser. From what I am seeing I think I will need to increase the time for 41 seconds to 164 to get better resolution with a 2W laser.

Well that's it for today
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