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Pull down resistor on mana SE board

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I am not one to ask what probably is a silly/easy question without doing the searching. In part because it's rude and lazy but I also like to hide my ignorance when possible.  I can not find where to install the pull down resistor, to disable the momentary laser on condition, on my mana SE board.  I see photos showing it bridging across a TTL pin set but alas no such label exists on my board.  To reveal the full magnitude of  my ignorance I don't know what a TTL even is and after reading several paragraphs on TTL I'm no smarter.

Do you have a 3-wire interface from the controller to the laser module?

Yes, there is a 3 wire connector between laser and board.

One of those should be labelled S (signal), connect the resistor from that wire to - (ground).

Typically wire color code:

RED is +12V, BLACK is GND, other is PWM signal.


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