Author Topic: Another question about Acrylic engraving  (Read 223 times)


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Another question about Acrylic engraving
« on: November 02, 2018, 08:00:07 AM »

Yes, I know there are several posts about acrylic on here and I've looked at them all.
But I still have questions.

I have a 2500mW Eleksmaker A3 Pro.

I'm looking at doing a couple of things.  First, some round blanks from Amazon which
I think have the paper backing on both sides.  I'm looking to do some medals for a
race I hold at my house every year.  It'd be interesting to do a round medal with
painted engraving.  I saw a video of a professional laser setup where they engrave the
acrylic, spray paint the back, then engrave a second design and paint that a different
color.  Has anyone tried that with a low powered laser setup like mine?

I'm assuming that if I engrave the back, then spray the back before removing the
paper, it would turn out ok.  But I also don't want to waste a bunch of blanks in
testing!  I'm not looking to do a two-color engraving though.

Also, for the awards for the race I was thinking of doing a two-level engraving.  Like
engrave something on one panel of acrylic, then and engrave something else on a
second panel and glue them together to create a "3D" look.  Thoughts?  How does the
glue process work and what kind of glue would I need to get to be invisible when
the panels are glued together?

Also, any tips on speed/power for my type of laser would be appreciated.

- EleksMaker A3 Pro
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