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I fried my 600mW Diode... can I replace the diode only?


Hi all - complete newbie here 1st post in fact...!)

So I got the cheap and cheerful 405nm laser off EBay, used it, had fun - got it woking on a large image. Over time (appro 4 or  mins?) it got less and less effectivtive at burning to the point it now won't mark the pine at all.

I suspct I burned it out, overheated it, exceded it's duty cycle or however that is put in these circles.

My question is this - do I have to replace the whole unit (Ali holder, mounted fan etc) or can I simply refit the exiting housing with a new diode of the same spec/wattage? (such as this one

I tried to remove the fried one but it is in the housing very tighly.

Any clues on if/how this can be done?

They are difficult to remove, you may have to drill it out and/or use heat on the housing.

I am not sure it's worth it, but here's the basic process. When replacing the diode you'll need a current limiting power supply so you can slowly power the diode without damaging it. I usually monitor the output with a power meter, as soon as it plateaus you have reached max power, back off slightly using the internal current limit circuit and it's all set.

Very useful info. Thank you!


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