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Re: servo problem
« Reply #15 on: January 04, 2019, 08:46:12 AM »
The Nano can support Grbl 1.1 w/servo and homing (using Optiboot), it has problems when you need CoreXY in addition to these other features.

Install Arduino IDE and follow the instructions for compiling Grbl but instead of using the master release use the one with servo support. Once you have successfully flashed the baseline you can begin editing the code to make the changes you want.

This is the homing I use for my 1.1e DEFAULT:
#define HOMING_CYCLE_0 (1<<X_AXIS)
#define HOMING_CYCLE_1 (1<<Y_AXIS)

#define LIMIT_DDR        DDRB
#define LIMIT_PIN        PINB
#define LIMIT_PORT       PORTB
#define X_LIMIT_BIT      1  // D9
#define Y_LIMIT_BIT      1  // D9
#define Z_LIMIT_BIT        4  // D12
#define LIMIT_MASK       ((1<<X_LIMIT_BIT)|(1<<Y_LIMIT_BIT)|(1<<Z_LIMIT_BIT))