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Hey guys,

So we got our laser up and running and we are in the middle of the burn of 60 coasters. they are are taking about 35 to 40 minutes each to burn however i built an enclosure for the laser engraver and i have an exhaust venting being done by a 120m PC fan.
Now i dont have an inlet fan to blow air in to cycle the air?

My question is really would it be better to have make a downdraft bed of fans and suck the fumes that wy or get a large enough inlet fan and a biggger exhaust fan?
Also do you need an active charcoal filter or will a bog standard filter do?
Has anyone done this before.
I saw a few posts from around 2016 but was wondering whether there was anything newer.


for my part I put some perf board over some activated charcoal filters then a hole under all of this to a vacuum cleaner where the fumes are sent outside. I wanted it to act as a downdraught but the volume of air pulled through is not enough. I think I posted some pictures of it here somewhere. For a downdraught to work you need to cover up the unused area and you need quite a lot of air pulled over the pieces to act as a downdraught. If I was to do this again I would not bother and just have a suitable amount of air pulled from the enclosure.
Hope this helps


--- Quote from: thesword22 on February 19, 2019, 04:14:32 PM ---Now i dont have an inlet fan to blow air in to cycle the air?

--- End quote ---

imho is not necessary if the box is not hermetic


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