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Re: Home Switches
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2019, 03:48:32 PM »
from the manual:

      Firmware Upload

  Select COM port and click Upload Firmware (x.x) from the Machine menu

                   1.1e (default) includes support for homing on D9 and dynamic laser power [enable in the Settings / Advanced menu]

                   0.9g J-Tech. Supports most systems, uses 7.8KHz PWM [once installed use 'Send Default Parameters' to load T2Laser default values]

                   0.9i EleksMana. Use for EleksDraw or EleksEgg systems that require either Servo or CoreXY control (see sub menu for configuration)

                   0.9j Woodpecker. For use with their CNC controller boards

                   1.1e Non-PWM. Uses D12 for the laser, not officially supported [automatically enabled in the Settings / Advanced menu]

                   1.1e Axis Swap. Same as default except X and Y axis are swapped

                   1.1f LaserAxe. Uses custom pin outs for some of their machines (others can use the default firmware)

                   1.1f High Frequency PWM. Uses 7.8kHz instead of the standard 1kHz PWM

                   1.1f XY Home Sw. Use D9 and D10 for home switches

                   1.1f CNC Z-XY. Uses D9, D10 and D12 for home switches (XYZ). Performs Z home followed by X/Y. Laser mode is disabled