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I'm very new to lasers and stuff, mainly i'm coming from IT and - leather DIY (bought the laser to engrave my "logo" in leather mainly). English is not my native language - so please fogive me when something sounds "wrong" or to harsh. I'm German, we tend to choose "hard" words sometimes.

I tried the search functions, but could not find any topic concerning - most of you guys are far ahead in getting the laser working. I've just assembled the thing.

1. Switched it on (seems to be a Eleks Maker Board L1). red light turns on.
2. switched the "weak light switch" on - fan starts spinning. So far - so good
3. No "weak light". Whatsoever. Nothing.

Tried several times, been looking at the wiring, but nothing.

Now finally the question:

Switching on the board an switching on the weak light should be all that is necessary to test the laser, right? No additional thing to do? Or does it need the firmware to test the weak light? Or maybe something else?

I'm not sure how it's handled with videos in this forum, but you could take a look on this (uploaded to dropbox):

What you see is the following

1. switch eleks board on (red light turns on)
2. Showing the fan, it's not moving. No weak light.
3. switching weak light switch on.
4. showing fan: It's spinning. Showing the paper under the laser: No weak light to see.

I would appreciate if someone could verfiy my assumption that the Laser Modul seems to be dead.... or maybe point me to what i'm doing wrong.

Kind regards,

Edit: It's a Eleks Maker Board L7, i was reading it wrong, sorry

Welcome Bernd.

It looks and sounds like everything is working as it should, the "weak" button on my machine does the same (nothing).

Are you using Benbox or Grbl?

Have you tried running a program or turning the laser on with G-Code?

Hello Zax,

thanks for your answer!

My plan was first to confirm that the laser is working at all - to be honest, i'm using a MAC, so right now i'm working on geting my Windows 10/Virtual box to occupy  a USB port (harder as it sounds) to do the next step - running the benbox software etc. (beside of this i found a series of videos on youtube from a guy that is using MAC and describes how he did it - i'm working on this as well).

But as i said: First step/idea was to confirm that the laser is working at all - otherwise all the work with virtual box will be useless.

If i understand you correctly:

"It looks and sounds like everything is working as it should, the "weak" button on my machine does the same (nothing)."

You did the firmware installation etc. first? And only after that it (the weak light button) started working? And only after that you've been able to do the focusing?

My assumption was that the weak light switch is "only hardware" - no software at all involved. Sounds now like that this assumption is wrong?

Kind Regards,

It looks like you have the same machine as I do (based on the capacitor and row of yellow pins on the right side of the board). It should have L7 on the board in an outline font.

On this board there is a pot (potentiometer) to the left of the weak laser switch. This pot adjusts the current allowed to go to the laser. The fan is rated for 80mA so that will come on before the laser will. You can adjust that pot slowly until the laser just comes on. That being said, this won't affect the laser during normal operation.

The L7 looks like the L2 but the fixed resistor has been replaced with a pot. I just ordered one $22 from their US warehouse (so I should get it in a couple of days rather than weeks).


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