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Hey guys,
So I was looking at the PWM module you guys have added to your setup. I assume you had to add it to your setup manually but wanted to ask a quick question.
On my board which is the Eleks L2 version almost identical.
Did you guys just solder
that part on and no other parts are required? I noticed in the center of the area for that module there is what looks like a Voltage regulator outline so wasnt sure if that was also required to be soldered on and what was the pot setting for the module itself?
Also did you have to adjust the jumper on the end of the board which I assume you would from the 12V setting to ADJ setting?

On my Benbox controller board, per @Zax's instructions, all I had to do was this:

1. Remove the Nano microprocessor from the controller board. This will expose the jumper pins and the jumper cap.

2. Move the jumper cap over by one pin. This will enable PWM and thus allow you to control the power of the laser via gcode.

This was all I had to do. @Zax will probably jump in here to add more info for you.

That is correct.

You do not change the voltage jumper, just the one under the Nano which switches the laser from D12 to D11 (as D11 is a PWM pin). The laser pin setting in Benbox will need updated and for true laser power control you will need firmware / software that supports it.

Pulse width modulation varies the on/off interval of the laser, which effectively changes the power density.

J-Tech or LaserInk firmware seem to work the best.

- Zax.

I dont have the adjustable power module that I see on the picture of your boards... Perhaps the L2 does not come with it now?
I have other questions unrelated and will post about them later mainly effective settings for making it faster. I notice the board likes to reset all the way to the left I am assuming this is the software being stupid and not a setting that can be adjusted.
Things like stepper settings etc... got my new motor driver so I am playing with things now to see how it goes and to figure out the different adjustments that can be made and how they effect things etc...
I thought I saw someone else posted about this but cant remember where I saw it.

PWM has nothing to do with the DC converter, it is related to the pin out from your Nano and firmware version.

Do you have a jumper under the Nano for 0.8 or 0.9? If so, 0.9 will switch laser control to using D11 and give you PWM support with the right firmware and software.

If you don't have limit (home) switches, the origin (0,0) should be where you turn it on. Of course you can move to anywhere and set that as the new origin position for your job.

- Zax.


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