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BenCutLaser Latest Download 1.8.1 b (NEW)
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:18:46 AM »
Download the latest BCL version here:


Release 1.8.1 b

Bug fix for Polylines IsClosed (Forced).

Added in Setuo new tab Find Old DXF Files. Select the folder and BCL will find all .dxf files that are older than year 2000. You can click Write .CSV button to write this list to a .csv file in the same folder. Using your CAD program, open the listed file and do a Save As to a new format - year 2000 and later - and then BCL can open them.

Small enhancements and tweaks. Some small bug fixes.

Release 1.8.1 a

Bug fix to the new main canvas DPI structure for Circles and Arcs to display correctly with DXF files.

Release 1.8.0 k

Bug fix to .DXF file when exiting BCL.

Release 1.8.0 j

This is a major release. Many small enhancements. Some important bug fixes in the Laser Tools Folder area of BCL.

1. The quick zoom features (Zoom to material/job) on the VLM toolbar have been removed as they are now built into the canvas (next to the zoom % dropdown)

2. The main drawing canvas is now using DPI scaling so that at a zoom of 100% (factor 1.0) the drawing will appear actual size on the display. The VLM canvas was already using this method.

3. Some VLM Appearance options have been removed from the VLM Setting window. These were either no longer applicable or are now set in the canvas options (e.g. Material color).

4. Some properties have been moved from the general 'Settings' class to the canvas settings class where applicable. e.g. Crosshair color.

5. The zooming via the mouse wheel has been improved. Instead of the center of the canvas remaining fixed, the part of the canvas under the mouse pointer will now be fixed as you zoom in or out. This lets you zoom in to a specific part of the drawing without having to scroll the canvas to keep that part in view.

6. You can now scroll or zoom out to see entire job, even if it's off the material.

7. The VLM now has rulers and a grid. Units for the ruler/grid are set to the first G20/G21 instruction in the GCode. (Defaults to mm if none are included).

8. The main drawing canvas now has a grid and material overly.

9. The VLM now has an option to preview upcoming burn lines during the laser animations. Option is set on the VLM toolbar or in the VLM setting window. Also has an option to choose the color of these lines.

10. Icons on the bottom of the canvas to show/hide the grid, material and cross hairs.

11. When you select a parser in one of the Editors, you can set it as your 'preferred' parser. On startup all editors will default to this.

12. VLM interactive mode: in the gcode editor, the line you are on is now highlighted so you can visually get a better 'feel' for where you are in your lines of gcode.

13. Enhanced support for Grbl 1.1e.

14. G-code Editor now supports Theme colors: Light and Dark themes.

Release 1.7.9 c

1. Laser Tool folders are now supported. Please see video tutorial:
2. A Polyline bug was fixed so the correct gcode is now being generated for some Polyline segments.
3. Some Cultural language bugs have been fixed.
4. Numerous other minor enhancements and code tweaks have been made.


Release 1.7.8 d

Added an easier way to re-order drawing objects when creating toolpaths by just clicking on them in the main drawing canvas. See the video tutorial I made on my Youtube Channel:

Release 1.7.8 c

Major Elliptical-Arc bug fix.

Release 1.7.8 b

This release is now stable.

RAMPS 1.4 controller and Mega2560 microprocessor is now supported.

JTechphotonics laser head is now supported.

One Z axis bug fix.

One Spline drawing object bug fix.

Some internal code clean up.

Other minor bug fixes.

Beta Release 1.7.7 i

Minor bug fix for Load Last DXF File link.

Beta Release 1.7.7 h

1. While on the Jogging tab:

-press the b (beam) or p (position check) key to check laser beam position. The laser beam will come on for 1/2 second and then turn off. The idea is to place a short beam dot on your material so you can see exactly where the laser head is currently positioned. Press the left/right/up/down arrow keys to move the laser head 1mm in either direction. Press Control left/right/up/down arrow keys to move the laser head 0.5mm in either direction.

-When you have the laser head positioned exactly where you want it, press the r key to ResetHome position.

2. Bug fix in Gcode Generation tab when saving gcode file.

3. en-GB language .csv file updated with VLM translations.

4. A translation engine bug was fixed.

5. Now if you try to load a .DXF drawing that does not have its unit of measurements set to either MM or Inches, a window will display offering you the opportunity to save the drawing in either MM or Inches or to abort loading the file.

6. Select a Text object on the drawing canvas and then click the EditText link. Click in the X or Y axis spin button fields on the Text Dialog window. You can now use the Ctrl and Shift keys along with the up/down/left/right arrow keys to move the Text object around on the canvas. Just a convenient short cut to using mouse clicks to do the same thing.

7. The Gcode Editor now has a Find feature: Ctrl-F calls up the Find dialog box and when you type in some text, every found item will be highlighted in the Editor. Very cool.

8. The bottom left Stats area in the VLM now has total gcode lines added for reference.

9. Numerous Z Axis support tweaks were made and some Z axis bug fixes were made. This release concludes Z axis support. Z axis support is now fully implemented in BCL.

10. A manual textbox field was added for Z Axis support that will allow you to manually enter a Z axis drop value for every pass. It works like this:
If there is a value in the field, that value will be used instead of the automatically generated value.
If the field is empty, the automatic value will be used.
This value is always going to be a minus value so while you can enter a - char you don't have to...BCL will always make the value a minus value.

10. For large dxf files, when working with these, it takes longer to do things. I've added a one line message bar at the top of the main form to display which drawing object is being updated. For really large drawings, this will let you know BCL is doing something and is not hung.

11. Fixed some gcode parsing issues: G1, G2 and G3 words no longer required to be on the same line as coordinates (X,Y, Z, I, J, K, R)

12. VLM gcode line count fixed to show a gcode 'block' count of actual gcode lines.

13. VLM bug fix on multiple passes was not painting increasing darker colors with each pass. Now fixed.

14. Numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

15. Major Enhancement. MText (Multi-line Text) objects can now be created inside BCL. This feature was added to better support those users making plaques and awards. I have made a Youtube video tutorial on how this new feature is used.

Release 1.7.6 Mandatory Upgrade

Internationalization has been a bit harder to implement correctly. This build fixes some language issues for some of the users.

Note For Everyone: some of your saved toolpath files may not reload into BCL properly and thus, you will have to manually re-create those toolpaths and save them again. I am sorry for this, but the toolpath data structure may contain numeric values that are affected by the language conversion.

The VLM does not contain all the language internationalization code yet but Paul is hard at work on this and I will release this as soon as it is ready.

The Gcode Generation comma issue has been fixed in this build.

This is a mandatory upgrade for everyone.

Release 1.7.5

1. Rulers are now in the main drawing canvas!

2. Fixed an important bug with arrowhead decimal values for European users.

3. Additional code checks now being made to the ini file that stores drive information. If these two ini lines have invalid data, BCL now gracefully handles it.

4. The ini file line:

drawingObjectCrossHairLength=4800 now set to 4800 to expand the cross hairs on the main drawing canvas. This now runs the crosshair lines up to the new Rulers on the X and Y axis.
If you don't like this look, then you can edit the BenCutLaser.ini file and change this value back to 48.


If you decide to purchase a Paid license, please use this Paypal email address:

Thank you for your support.
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