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anyone know where i can get hold of the source code for the jtech grbl branch? (cant find it in github). The current grbl branch (9j) can do arcs and circles properly, so I want to see if i can merge the two.

The current grbl branch will not work with my ttl board, something about the wrong frequency - just incase you ask  :)

J-tech will not give it up.

There are several Laser grbl firmwares out there. Unfortunately they are all based on grbl 0.9g and earlier. That early and they have an "arc" bug that messes with BenCutLaser. T2Laser is ok with most of them, but J-tech is the best of the Laser versions. The new grbl 1.0/1.1 release has Laser Mode in it and it appears to work well. It just isn't out yet.

It is open sourced;

It has several different frequencies you can change to in cpu_map.h and default is .98KHz that is close to what J-tech is using for their PWM.

It is aimed at the Uno but will work with a change (16 to 14) of the block buffers on a Nano.
below in attachments;
grblUpload.ino.11bdevbuf14.hex already has the buffers changed no homing
grblUpload.ino.11bhoming.hex has buffers changed and homing for a single pin (D9) ready to be enabled.

You change $32=1 to enable "Laser Mode". $22=1 enables the homing.

These are Beta firmware!!!!

I hope this helps


--- Quote from: Lob0426 on October 10, 2016, 10:16:19 PM ---J-tech will not give it up.

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I thought grbl was open source, and jtech was just a branch. if j-tech is based on grbl and uses much of the code, aren't they breaking the rules by not releasing it?

thanks for the info, now i know where to look, will have to build and test the new version 😁. I was so disapponted yesterday when i engraved a nice grey scale photo and went to cut a circle around it, horrible waste of material and time :(

Yes they are, but that doesn't seem to matter.

T2Laser can combine raster and vector, it works around the bug so you don't get this issue.


You may or may not be aware that we have a group of four developers here on the forum that are busy developing updated firmware for three microprocessors to support our laser machines: the Nano, the Uno and the Mega2560.

They are the Cam-Tech NC team and they have their own Boards on this forum.

You may want to ask them if they are implementing any of the idea's that you are thinking about...just a thought...of course you may enjoy developing your own firmware too  :)


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