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Hello All,

Probably, the below is already known to you. Never-the-less, I want to share this for those who do not.

I think we have  all experienced it all: You have prepared a G-code file (Yes, you can cut and paste and alter) and want to see how it looks like. Also: How may times we have made a text that is different in font-shape/size and found out it did not fit? (I have destroyed quite a few CNC-mils already.)

An easy way is to use a G-code simulator. They are commercially available. But there is a cheap, easy solution which I use.

My CNC-router/Engraver is upstairs, but I do most of my prelim work in the living-room and watch the 9 o'clock news at the same time. How?
Just buy a 2 dollar Nano (See picture of Dummy-Nano), no need to solder the headers to it, just use it for simulation only. Xload your GRBL to it. Start GRBL-controller (= A little piece of software that is free to download. Free?, yes Free. That is as music to a Dutchmen's ear.)

Connect the Nano to comp., load file and begin. With GRBL-Controller, you see the starting-point (is it really in the very left-hand corner?), the max and min of  Y  and X in mm. You will see G-code commands that are not reckonised.

With best regards,

Welcome to the forum @Duivleo...!!!

Welcome Leo,
I'm from the Netherlands too!!

regards Nico

Hi @ all,
i am from Germany.

The picture above...
You can by it for few bucks, search "Arduino Nano" and/or "CH340" , at your favorite vendor.

Install driver and connecting to pc.
Now you can do these:

All software works like your lasermachine is connected to this pc.
Training yourself flashing the Nano. If killed, you loose only the chip - your laser still working.
Use with breadboard for advanced users.
Have spare part.
Do some testing gcode or software and software for com-ports too.
2 or more pices at same time, imagine your self!

T2Laser and BCL have a simulator built in. I can only speak for mine but it is completely independent of the generation side so I use it myself to test code.


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