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Title: Grbl1.1e and T2
Post by: SteveS on October 31, 2017, 09:45:05 PM

Purchased the T2Laser software and am having much angst trying to get it to burn. I have the Grbl 1.1e firmware installed with a burn setting of 1000(have tried 255) and a speed of 200( gone down to 50). The best I can get is a faint outline in 1mm balsa. I should mention that I have had quite good burns using the 1.1e in EleksCam, BCL and Benbox, but these programs are limited or user unfriendly hence my preference to T2. Is there some T2 reference guide that clearly shows what each menu setting is for and how to achieve optimum results for different material in engraving/cutting.

I have looked at the help menu within T2 and downloaded a basic pdf manual at, but they really don't explain  how to use but rather are a features list with some brief descriptions.

Should I be using an alternative Grbl for the Mana SE, although many posts recommend it

Title: Re: Grbl1.1e and T2
Post by: Zax on November 01, 2017, 04:20:08 AM
If you installed the default firmware from T2Laser (Grbl 1.1e) it should be correct, I compiled it with the correct settings but other programs can change them so you should Reset Grbl Parameters from the Machine menu to be sure.

If cutting (DXF or vector file) the same feed rate and power (255 is max) would have similar results no matter what program.

Are you sure you are changing the vector feed rate to 50? At 50 with full power (255) you should be getting considerable burning of balsa if the laser is focused.

Title: Re: Grbl1.1e and T2
Post by: SteveS on November 01, 2017, 01:07:00 PM
Thanks Zax,
I'll try resetting the Parameters.
Title: Re: Grbl1.1e and T2
Post by: nottingham82 on November 01, 2017, 01:33:23 PM
hey steve just to be clear on the power scale. 

Zax uses a 255 scale.  That is because the control board can only use a 0-255 scale.  You could tell the board to use a 0-1000 scale or even a 0-10 scale.  It would then convert that to a percentage of 255.  Elekscam does just that.  They use a 0-1000 scale.  So if you put in 500 for a power when using elekscam it converts that to 127 or 128 which is half of 255 depending on if elekscam rounds up or down.  Zax uses the 0-255 so you know what you are getting with no rounding issues.  The processor does this because it uses an 8 bit processor.  If you are jumping between softwares they could be converting your scale to what they prefer.  That is why its always best to reset your default parameters when you come back to t2.  Other wise if you put in 255 and you are now on a 0-1000 you entered 26% of full power instead of full power. 

I like to use the hot girl scale as an analogy.  If I tell you a girl is an 8.  You would probably assume I mean an 8 out of 10 and she is pretty hot.  If I meant she is an 8 out of 100 you would be surprised at my taste in women when you see her.  So its always good to know the scale!