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Title: Does T2Laser have error log?
Post by: cazz on August 23, 2020, 11:34:04 AM
I have try to burn three things this weekend but only one succeed
Two of them give me

Error Detected!
Sending Aborted

Not sure why it does this.
I running the 1.1e that I upload from the program.

The sad thing is that the work takes 6 hours to drive but the error comes when there is only 10 percent left.

Maybe is the cable I don't know so I was wonder if the log show any error.
I can try again tomorrow with another cable but when it take 6 hour and don't know if it going to work or not then is not so fun.

Title: Re: Does T2Laser have error log?
Post by: Zax on August 23, 2020, 01:47:57 PM
It's not a T2Laser error, it's your machine (Grbl firmware) that is generating the error message.

I suspect it is a memory fault on the Nano microcontroler, these tend to occur when it heats up and will eventually get worse until it fails to boot.

There are other reasons such as the USB going to sleep, but you should have disabled all power savings (including any BIOS settings related to the USB ports) or electrical interference either from the motors or something else.

There are a couple of tricks that may reduce these errors until you can replace the Nano with a better quality version, on the laser controller window, in the settings / advanced menu you can enable Simple Streaming and/or disable Fail-Safe Mode. Simple Streaming does not use the buffer memory on the Nano so reduces the chances of a memory fault due to a bad block (but it can still happen, and probably will as more blocks fail) and disabling Fail-Safe Mode makes T2Laser ignore the error and try to continue sending, not the best idea and probably won't help as Grbl will just go into a locked status and stop anyway.

You could try a small fan to blow air across the Nano but in my experience this is more of an internal temperature issue on some cheap clones so I doubt this will have much effect. I'm guessing it's one of the EleksMaker boards? The Nano on their later ManaSE boards is total junk and in their wisdom they put the MOSFET under it to generate as much heat as possible to ensure rapid failure!
Title: Re: Does T2Laser have error log?
Post by: cazz on August 24, 2020, 02:40:35 PM
Thanks for the replay.
I did not notice that you have write to me (I did forgot to check Notify me on replies)

I did try again with no USB extender but same problem but this time it was around 70 % done it stop working.

Hmm good idea about the enable the Simple Streaming. I do not feel to disable Fail-Safe Mode because I'm not sure it going to disable the laser if it stand still.

That I have is no EleksMaker but something like it so it not a original.

Can you tell me what kind of Nano I can buy to make it go better?
Have no problem to buy a original or a clone to get it to work?

Discovered that the one I have now has none heatsink so that with a fan can be a good idea :)
Title: Re: Does T2Laser have error log?
Post by: Zax on August 25, 2020, 04:29:23 AM
Any Nano clone will work, I prefer these brands: Geekcreit, HiLetGo and Sainsmart.

The Geekcreit brand is available from banggood ($3), the HiLetGo and Sainsmart are sold on ebay and at other places.
Title: Re: Does T2Laser have error log?
Post by: cazz on September 09, 2020, 10:38:59 AM
Just have to say after change the nano and add a tiny fan it looks like it works.

So far so good :)