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Title: At a Loss
Post by: mestguy182 on February 28, 2021, 12:41:53 PM
Hi All,

My Father-in-law recently purchased this engraver: (

He couldn't figure it out so he asked me to take it and fiddle around with it. The USB connector broke off the Mini Nano board the first time I tried using it so I purchased another board.

So, I have Benbox installed, I have the driver from the manufacturer installed, I get a com port, etc.

However none of the controls work in Benbox so I don't think my computer is properly communicating with the engraver. The light on the Mini Nano board was blinking Red for awhile so I tried updating the firmware to LX-Nano.328p.20150626.hex and now it's a solid green. I know nothing about Arduinos so sorry for being a noob! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Title: Re: At a Loss
Post by: Zax on March 04, 2021, 07:01:46 AM
I can't help with Benbox but if you want to checkout T2Laser ( and contact me from my site or by email I will help you get the machine working.