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EleksMaker / Re: 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:46:27 AM »
Hi Zax,

it worked!  ;D thank you so much! Now I have to rewire the whole mess.

Does this mean i fried something on the laserboard regarding the pwm signal? Any way I can restore the pwm module?

EleksMaker / Re: 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: April 04, 2018, 09:08:26 AM »
I think the S-pin (which is the TTL signal) or green wire in your picture needs to go to the TTL + (end pin) and you may also need to jumper the TTL- to the GND (yellow wire in the picture).

Hi Zax,

i tried your settings as described, see on the picture). Low laser button works fine (pwm led blue; "+" led is flashing). When using the full beam button, TTL led is on (green light) - this is new.
This way the laser won't burn manually nor via software.

If I connect "TTL+" and "PWM (S)"; "TTL-" and "-" the full beam button works, but not through software.
Help  :-[

EleksMaker / Re: 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:56:08 AM »
Sorry for the late reply. Thank you zax for the info, I'm not sure how this will help, is this some kind of work around? It should however function with the 3 pins, right?
I have received the original eleksmaker cable to not mess any further. Unfortunately it had no effect.
I remembered when pluggin in my selfmade cable the connecton on the Mana SE bent ~45° (!), i gently pushed it back and now I fear i damaged the connector / connection to the board.

What can I measure or investigate to locate the problem? Anything I can read on the software?
I found that out that two of the three pins have a short. I can measure the resistance if this helps?

Red to yellow  497 Ohm
Red to Black 1.5 Ohm
All the pins from Mana SE to laser module are conducting

Attached screenshot and pictures of the unit with wiring. I appreciate any help!

5500mW laser module with pwm (3 pins)
Mana SE
Stepper motors ok
laser module connected, fan on, PWM led "blue"
weak laser turns on by hand (button 1)
full laser turns on by hand (button 2)
Connection through BCL ok
fimware 1.1e GBRL
stock settings
Unplugged everything, turned on/off, no effect.
No "laser 1s on full power when connecting" (previously this happend every time)
connector on Mana SE bent

If I missed any information let me know.

PPS: Can i use the TTL connection instead (no regulation of laser intensity)?

EleksMaker / Re: 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: March 20, 2018, 05:56:22 AM »
Is this the correct wiring?

EleksMaker / 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: March 20, 2018, 04:31:45 AM »
Hello everyone,

thanks for the support so far, this forum is top notch.

I'm not sure this is the right forum, maybe I should jump ahead to eleksmaker forum. But since many users here use the A3 I hope for some clearence.

I extended all of the cables for my bigger custom frame. I made my own custom cable for the laser module and made both plugs the same orientation. The one sitting on the laser module (5500mw) is red, black, yellow while the same orientation of the plug on the mana board should be yellow, black, red . Can someone confirm this?

The first time i had switched the yellow and red cable, because who the he** would change the order of the cables? I turned it on for a couple of seconds and a blue led on the mana board flashed. The fan of the laser was dead. I found out this was due to wrong wiring.

Fixed it. Tried again. Fan is working, laser module shows blue led, low power and full power buttons on the laser board are both working perfectly.
But when using Software the laser is not working. Tried Bencutlaser and T2laser.
I measured all the cables plus the contacts behind the boards (backside). Everything is in place and connected. It seems the laser module is not receiving any pwm signal?! What else can I check?
Did i ruin the lasermodule? is it the manaboard?
Also the cable diameter is 0.22mm² which is imho smaller than before. Could this be the problem?

Anyone knows where I can quickly reorder the correct cable? I didn't even find a source for the correct cable in small sizes. Very frustrating.

Attached my laser module picture

Thank you all!

BCL can re-order any drawing objects including Arcs.
but not automatically in the correct chronological order.
BCL can change the direction of Arcs so the laser will burn all of them in the same direction correctly.
If every arc is clockwise then two connected arcs will not make one continous line like in the pictures above (if one is clockwise, the next one should be ccw, cw, ccw.. and so on).
i need to reorder every so often the orientation of arcs.

Your attachment showing arcs not connected look connected to me. Where are they not connected?
sorry for the confusion: they are spot on, but they are separate elements instead of one polyline which would already solve my problem.

Your Catia export looks like a very old export: year 2000. Solution: do the export since that's all Catia seems to support. Then open the .dxf file in a modern (free) CAD program such QCAD or LibreCAD or NanoCAD and then so a Save As into a more recent dxf format, such as R18 up to R27 or higher. R18 is year 2004 and is the oldest Release format BCL can read. But always save as in the latest Release format your CAD program offers (QCAD, LibreCAD, etc).
I have R11, R12,R13,R14, 2000, 2004 and 2007.
I will try your workaround with QCAD and/or upgrade catia to a newer release, thanks. I guess its my old release thats causing all the problems.

Then BCL will be able to open the file. If you still have trouble with the file, please post it here so I can have a look.
Find attached two samples which shows the orientation problem quite good. I used dxf 2007: one without block export (working in bcl) one with full block export (not recognized).

Thanks for your time and help!

attached catia settings

Thanks for getting back to me. I see your point and I tried to solve this form catia. I tried to export blocks (which should get me a complete block like a polyline in the .dxf). Bencutlaser can not recognize these blocks, no matter what settings i use.

BCL reports, of course, this:

BCL Aware Drawing Objects Count:

Arc; count: 0
Circle; count: 0
Ellipse; count: 0
Image; count: 0
LightWeightPolyline; count: 0
Line; count: 0
Text; count: 0
MText; count: 0
Polyline; count: 0
Spline; count: 0

Any Catia expert here? attached my catia settings for dxf export
(it translates to: exportet sheets: all
export mode: semantic
semantics options:
export dimensions as dimensions
export blocks: none, one layer, complete
export number of layers, export layer name)

Also, maybe i musunderstood, but: bencut is not able to reorder those arcs (attached in 2nd picture) to the correct chronological order and orientation? It has to be a polyline?
See, my problem is that I can only export a polyline with tessalation, which generates thousands of code lines. I wasn't able to export a polyline (block) with radiuses.

Any workaround here? Use other formats and convert?

Let me know your thoughts, I want to solve this really badly.


first thank you for the great software and tutorials on bencutlaser. So far i like it. I'm using a Eleksmaker laser A3 Pro 5500mW with upgraded frame (~100x80cm²), bencutlaser 3.1 and catia.

Now I use Catia V5 to create my cutting shape. There I create a drawing and export it as .dxf files. I then import the dxf into bencutlaser (3.1). Bencutlaser recognizes all the lines correctly, but is not able to make a polyline of the separate lines and circles, see image attached. Many elements have a wrong orientation.
--> Now I have to reverse lines and arcs as well as reorder them manually. This can take a lot of time in more complex projects.

Is there any way to automatically recognize the order of elements and set the correct orientation for them?
Otherwise: anyone knows how to make my .dxf file save polylines instead of separate elements? In Catia all the lines are connected, tangent and make one fine line. I did not find any option to export polylines into .dxf other than above.

Thanks everyone and happy cutting!

Benbox / Re: A3 PRO 5500mW cuts deeper when only moving in Y-direction
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:35:06 AM »
I have the 5500mW as well. Cutting in Y makes a deeper and smaller cut as in X, like in your case. I'm also interested in how to improve the physics. Software will not help as to how big the diameter (rectangle) of the beam is.
As mentioned in another post I ordered some lense, but i guess the rectangle shape of the beam will not differ much, if at all. It could however be a smaller rectangle.

I also have a air blower which helps to reduce burn and increase cutting depth. If you lower the distance between laser and workpiece the rectangle should be smaller.

BTW: I dont't want to go offtopic too much, but which laser in general (5,5W or better) has a circle beam? I don't want to jump to CO2 lasers.

BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:50:07 AM »
So can anyone else provide me a download link for the latest or close to latest release? I don't want to stay with 1.7 until who knows when :-X

BenCutLaser / Re: Latest download? (OPEN)
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:06:46 PM »
Hello there,

I purchased the license but there is no download working except version 1.7 from 3rd party. please provide the 2.9 version until 3.0 is released. Thanks.

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