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STL / Alignment Bracket
« on: August 28, 2017, 07:12:03 PM »
The main reason I got my Eleksmaker A5 is so that I can etch powdercoated project boxes. Alignment is obviously pretty critical, as you can't simply run the job and then do a cutout to keep everything square.

So I made a very rudimentary bracket that sits on the side rails to line up a box before homing and trace testing. It's far from perfect, but in my initial testing, it's "good enough for rock n roll".


I'll coming up with some improvements, I'm sure. Probably a whole new way to do alignment, actually. But for now, this is just enough to work.

No supports needed. I printed at 25% infill with 3 bottom, top, and perimeter layers. I used PLA. Fit is pretty tight and seems to be square-enough to get 'er done.

In the photo, there is also a smaller bracket on the front rail, but this one is not ready for primetime yet. Need to get the sizing dialed in.

Trouble Shooting / Another gantry wobble issue
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:10:20 PM »
Hey folks. A5 Eleksmaker here (2.5W with L7 board).

I'm using T2.

Raster works fine as far as I can tell (circles are circles, etc). Vector is terrible, as there is some front/back play in the laser head assembly. The top set of wheels sits firmly in the groove in the rail, but the bottom wheels (or whatever they are called) are not snug. This causes the laser assembly to sway slight when y-axis movement starts or stops (in vector). All the belts are tight/snug. It's definitely the play in the bottom wheels.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this thing any more snug. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can post a quick video showing where the play is happening, if that would help.

I'm tempted to custom-cut some of that thin gasket material available at big-box hardware stores to make the rail shallower, but I wonder if that wouldn't cause too much friction.

Thanks in advance for any help/tips!

Title pretty much says it. Got the firmware and driver squared away (thanks Zax!), but can't get to testing the mechanicals because as soon as I power up the board, the laser goes wide open and burns whatever is underneath.

I did a search but couldn't find this problem, although I'm sure someone else must have had it.

Any help?


Hey everybody. I'm new to lasers but not DIY. Got a couple 3D printers, had a small CnC, I do PCB design, etc. So I'm not a total moron.  ;D

But I'll be damned if I can figure out this Elekslaser A5 firmware / software setup.

Bought it from BangGood. They actually sent me an older version kit than what they have pictured (I have complained, to be sure). Mine does not have the new quick-change laser module holder and does not have the same controller board. I have attached a pic of the board for reference.

I've tried a couple different options, but nothing seems to work. The problem is that the driver seems to install, and I do see a new COM port device, but there are also a few "devices" under "Other Devices" that are misconfigured. When I uninstall the driver, those other devices go away as well. Also, I hear the controller doing something when the driver is installed (or when I first fire up EleksCAM). But none of the software I've tried can access the machine.

Can somebody help me get the right files? My ultimate plan is to buy T2, but first I need to get the right firmware and/or drivers.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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